Underground Sports Recap (11/12/12)

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First off if the MNF game last night was as important to you as it was to me and my clients – you seen how it all went down.

First off I was 100% sure that both Pittsburgh and the Under would not hit! I made the statement to my clients that 72% of all wagers were backing the Steelers and around 52% of bettors were playing the Under.

From my experience on what that was the equivalent of was 7 out of every 10 parlays were Pittsburgh and the Under, my statement was Vegas was NOT going to lose both bets.

Like I said you saw the call that took back the KC touchdown that would have been KC’s all important 17 points – add in the missed FG and I would have got my predicted 20 points I felt so strong about – and eventually needed to cash BIG last night.

Big Ben’s injury hurt the Steelers in scoring more points as well – since we were looking good at the half 10-10

Tough part about my job is I do care what happens to my clients here at Underground Sports Connection and I do take losses personally – however these words that I’m typing will be the last time I mention that game – it’s history and we move on.

Last Night’s Recap:

Underground Original 1-0 CBB as I had Florida st. covering over Buffalo

I split out in football winning with KC but losing the Over … And dropping the parlay..

Combo Package Members go 1-1 as Reece Roberts wins with Lehigh and I provided the Over in the KC/Pitt gm..

Big winner overall on Monday was Reece Roberts Best Bets going 4-1 with winners on Lehigh, Michigan, Maryland and the Utah Jazz only loss was OKC in the NBA…

So to get Reece’s Tuesday picks go to:


Grab the 1 day pass for $19.99 and also check out other packages listed including the famous “Bowl Bonanza” package going for its 9th straight year showing a major ROI and hitting over 60% plus winners!

I will be back up later this evening with more news on today’s picks – I do have 1 major CBB side play for tonight circled and I’m 70% sure – it’s gonna be a play, also Reece has 2 early games today 1st one tips at 10am EST and the other one tips at 4pm EST – so act ASAP and do not miss the run he is on!

Back in a few – let’s win!
Underground Original


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