Updated Parlay Club News

UPDATED 11/11/12

Guys sorry for the inconvenience but after carefully rethinking the overall big picture of the “Parlay Club”, we have decided that while a “daily” parlay is possible – it’s not in our best interest to release a “daily parlay”.

However if you purchased the 365 day package or the 30 day package – all parlays will be honored – but with no timeline. We would rather give out winners than to force plays that lose – just to sell more packages quicker.

If you bought the 365 day package – you will get 365 parlays (still only $1 a parlay) and the same goes for the 30 day package. I will reword the packages and possibly reduce the quantities – for faster results, but without forcing games and not producing winners.

All parlays will be numbered (similar to how UFC numbers its PPV events) our last parlay cashed yesterday 11/10/12 as Nwestern +8.5 & Georgia -15 cashed in – that Parlay was #11 and Parlay #12 goes today (Sunday 11/11/12).

I’m sure you all understand and we all will benefit from this slight adjustment.

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