31 day combo package reloaded (former clients please read).

**Updated** 11/11/12

This package by far has been the most successful and biggest seller here at Underground Sports Connection.

For only $2.70 per day you got all plays from not only me but Reece Roberts!

We want to make this package a even better seller – for the same price!

So we are merging a typical “action” or low end package into a high end premium package for the same cost.

Face it the “All Access” clients are typically longterm clients who has built bankrolls using our picks over several months and in some cases several years – those clients know what to expect and understands the highs and lows and also understands that longterm winning only happens with huge days/weeks and months – those guys are what we want to mold you (the first time client) into!

For this to happen, I feel 3 days, 7 days, or even 14 days is sometimes not enough proof to tell the whole story – but 31 days or basically 4 weeks (1 month) helps tell more about the story or in this case a product.

So starting today – me and Reece Roberts will help mold you into the type of player you deserve to be!

We will not overwhelm you with the complete consensus plays our longterm “all access” clients are use to getting – but for the same $2.70 per day or $84 a month – we will provide you with JUST our daily BEST BETS (2 plays max daily).

This format will build bankroll and you can always upgrade at anytime – however we would advise to just take it slow and build YOUR BANKROLL and the rest will take care of itself.

Hope this is good news to all former clients that maybe considering another run with “Team Underground”… This time we not only provide you with 2 premium picks daily – we will advise you with easy to learn money management tips the high rollers use to profit year after year betting/investing on sports.

Thanks and purchase NOW! We will be thrilled to show you major profits for small investments!

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