15% off – Sundays NFL/Hoops


Glad to be back posting today – real busy time of the year for us as we have 3 different sports going and tons of research to do daily.

First off visit Hot Cappers Report and pick up a package and get on board for this Sunday…

I have added several new packages including some individual packages for myself and for ReeceRoberts.

Today’s featured package is a $22 all access package (1 day) … You will get everything Reece and I release for just $22 (easy payment link at Hot Cappers Report) or if you choose to save 15% just follow the instructions listed below.

This package cashes or the Monday Night Magic package Is FREE!

Save 15% by sending me a email using “Sunday Money” as the subject and just enter the package you want (all packages available for discount) and i will bill you and send the plays ASAP to the email used for payment. It only takes a few minutes and we are in business.

Parlay Club members enjoyed a nice parlay winner #11 on Saturday as Nwestern & Georgia took care of business in NCAAF.

Today parlay #12 is a College Hoops/NFL Parlay that should cash easily.

My email address is tim@hotcappersreport.com or text me at (256) 744-8739 and let me know how to assist you today.

Free Pick Under Denver/Carolina (NFL)

Underground Original


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