Sunday NFL – Game 4 World Series

1 parlay up for today for Parlay Club Members and a early strong underdog. Combine that with ReeceRoberts world Series game 4 selections and we should be sitting good come Monday.

Tough breaks yesterday prevented 2 out of 3 parlay winners as the Houston Cougars found away to stick it to us and kill a great parlay with the Florida/Georgia under already in the bag.

But it’s gambling not stealing and we have to adapt to the tough breaks because just like last Monday when Detroit Lions found the endzone late and cashed a crucial 3-0 for us – it goes both ways.

Anyway I want to be the first one to say congrats to Notre Dame I was totally wrong and can live with a loss like that, to go into Oklahoma and do what you did was awesome and proved me wrong – end of story.

One other game that killed a parlay was the Auburn Tigers getting demolished by Texas A&M… Nothing to say about that as I was wrong in thinking that the Auburn team would be more up for the game due to several aspects like emotion, home game at night, pride and other factors… But a loss is a loss and losing a spread by a half a point or by 20 and a half is still a loss. Once again the other half of that parlay was in the bag as Ohio state got the job done against Penn st.

The first parlay we released cashed in as Oregon cruised and Miami-Ohio pulled off the upset versus Ohio Bobcats.

ReeceRoberts continues to dominate as he called the SF Giants for the third straight time as they now own a 3-0 lead in the world series. Reece also cashed early winning with the Oregon Ducks..

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In closing – sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words and box scores from games clearly can distinguish the different ways the games can win and lose.. I will be posting some box score pics from time to time and hopefully more so than not the numbers will be on our side.

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