Detroit Lions Back Door Cover

I must first speak to the guys that had the Chicago Bears on MNF – I know it sucks and the feeling is terrible, believe me I feel your pain.

Now I want to speak to our clients and tell you that it’s about time a break comes our way as the Detroit Lions gets the dreaded back door cover.

I was speaking to Reece the other day and was venting over all the misfortunes I have encountered over the past 3 weeks in college and pro football.

Just to name a few let’s start with the Green Bay screw Job with the replacement officials (I believe that started a string of bad luck). Also throw in the TCU/Kansas game where TCU dominated every aspect of the game except the covering part as there was 3 redone turnovers, and don’t forget just last weeks Oklahoma/Kansas under that looked like money until Kansas scores a very late TD. I have more… Let’s see…

Cleveland Browns last week going for a 2 pt. conversion in the 2nd quarter against the Colts and not converting it and well you get the picture.

Can’t forget the UL Monroe – Ark st. Backdoor cover or the Green Bay under this past Sunday as 10 points was scored in the final 2 minutes.

Many more I’m trying to forget so I won’t state any more.

In my conversation with Reece I told him all I need is a spark and the roles will reverse – this may be the beginning to a very nice run here at Underground Sports.

Monday was huge as we hit not only the Lions but the Under and the parlay and Reece nailed the SF Giants and the over for a perfect 5-0 sweep.

Tonight I have a Sun Belt play on Arkansas st. & UL Lafayette and a big weekend of College and Pro football also Reece Roberts will have all the World Series action and his private selections in football too.

Don’t forget NBA starting soon!

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