Weekend Recap 70.9% +$1225.00

First off let me thank and congratulate those new clients that took advantage of the “weekend warrior” package for just $69.00

Let’s go over the picks from this weekend:

Wednesday Reece Roberts (2-1 +$75)

Thursday Underground Original & Reece Roberts combined (5-1 +$396)

Friday Reece Roberts (2-3 -143)

Saturday Underground Original & Reece Roberts combined (6-3 +266)

Sunday Underground Original & Reece Roberts combined (7-1-1 +631)

Total 22-9-1 +$1225.00

No math major – but looks like a hell of a return on investment.

In order here are the actual plays starting Wednesday ending Sunday…

SD Padres -125 Loss
SF Giants -155 Win
TB Rays -120 Win
Washington Huskies +7 Win
NY Yankees -130 Loss
Washington Nationals -129 Win
TB Rays -115 Win
Texas Rangers -1.5 Win
Parlay TX Rangers & Atl. Braves win
LA Angels -105 Win
TB Rays-113 loss
Over 7.5 nationals win
Brewers -1.5 loss
Parlay brewers & braves loss
Iowa -6 win
Virginia +3.5 loss
Arkansas st. -1.5 loss
Texas Longhorns -2 win
S. Miss +11 win
Texas San Antonio -1.5 win
St. Louis Cards -114 loss
Arizona Dbax -1.5 win
Parlay brewers & dodgers win
Carolina Panthers +7 win
49ers -5 win
Bengals -1.5 win
GB packers -7 loss
Redskins +1.5 win
Eagles -2 push
Orioles -1.5 win
St. Louis cards win
Parlay a’s & Det. Tigers win

$100 bettors up $1225.09

$25 bettors made money of these picks!

Tonight we have the Bears @ Cowboys side, total and parlay as a part of my Monday Night Magic package just $15

Please note the football plays listed was my selections and all MLB picks listed were Reece Roberts plays.

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