NBA Season Tips Off Tonight!

NBA tips off tonight and Reece Roberts is ready to win you money!

Reece had an amazing run last year in NBA & NCAA hoops and will win again this year!

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Reece Sweeps! If bets – reverses?

Congratulations goes out to Reece Roberts as he predicted the SF Giants to win the World Series in 4 games!

Good thing I took his advise, as I thought initially the series had 7 games written all over it! I did tell Reece however “IF” SF won that game 3… It was going to be a SWEEP.. So we cashed in very nicely last night.

Let’s talk parlay club for a moment. We started the club last week and it’s a great value BTW… After the first five parlays – we stand at 2-3 and +$190 based on $100 per bet.

Now let’s look at this and the actual plays involved in these five parlays:

1) Miami-Ohio & Oregon
2) Auburn & Ohio st.
3) Houston U. & Under GA/FLA
4) Eagles & Under Eagles/Falcons
5) NYG & Over Giants/Cowboys

Parlay bettors won parlays #1 & #5 but lost parlays #2 – #3 & #4

Thats how we came up with the 2-3 parlay record and the +$190.00 profit based on $100 per parlay and some half point buying that we did on parlay #1 **note** had we not bought the points in parlay #1 the numbers would have been 2-3 for +$220.00

So from this point forward it’s up to the clients whether they choose to buy points or not. But in all reality we can’t control what our clients do with our plays, we just try to win them money!

If you chose to bet all five parlays and all 10 bets straight for regular odds and for all $100 per bet the net result would have been:

8-7 for +$380.00

So in all reality and in hindsight I hope you did that – because you would have made more money, but I did not advise it – so I do not count it that way.

The eight wins:
1. Parlay #1 plus $260.00
2. Miami-Ohio plus $100.00
3. Oregon plus $100.00
4. Ohio St. plus $100.00
5. Under GA/FLA plus $100.00
6. Parlay #5 plus $260.00
7. NYG plus $100.00
8. Over NYG/Dallas +$100.00

The seven losses:
1. Parlay #2 -$100
2. Auburn -$110
3. Parlay #3 -$100
4. Houston U. -$110
5. Parlay #4 -$100
6. Eagles -$110
7. Under Eagles/Falcons -$110

Resulting in the 8-7 record +$380.00

I advise all players today to maybe consider “IF BETS” as a tool to use.

Maybe a “TIP” rather than advise.

If you have no idea what a “IF BET” is – then just do a engine search and it can be explained to you better.

“IF BETS” are good if your sports book balance is low – but you want action on other games, but ONLY – IF you win the first game of the “IF BET”…

For example – you received my email and parlay #1 was enclosed – you really did not have a strong opinion on the games involved (Miami-Ohio & Oregon) but you wanted to wager $100 and did not want to chance it in a parlay. So you really thought Oregon was the better play – but did not want to miss out if Miami-Ohio cashed either.

Problem was they both kicked off around the same time!

A “IF BET” would have been the option you needed.

You would have made Oregon your first part of the IF BET and Miami-Ohio the second part of the IF BET, meaning you would risk $110 to win $100 and you could do the same on Miami-Ohio ONLY IF – Oregon covered the spread!

Once Oregon covered you won $100 and now have $110 to win $100 on Miami-Ohio no matter the start time. However if Oregon lost – there would be no bet on Miami-Ohio and the damage would only be -$110 you lost on Oregon.

The end result of a “IF BET” involving Oregon and Miami-Ohio would be 2-0 plus $200.00 (no matter who was the first or second part of it) since they both won.

A “IF BET” helps control your bankroll and limits damage, since you only have action if first part wins.

A parlay has action after the first game wins and can be lost if the second play losses.

Using the same two games as examples:

You bet both in a parlay for $100 you risk $100 and won $260.00

You bet both games “STRAIGHT” for $100 you risk $220 and won $200

You bet both games in a “IF BET” you risk $110 and won $200

Bad part of a “IF BET” is if game 1 losses and game 2 won!

Since you listed the losing team first the bet is FINAL and -$110.00 no matter if the second team covers.

A parlay would lose $100 if first team lost and second team won.

And same situation betting both games straight you would have action on second game and would go 1-1 for -$10

Most books offer a “reverse if – bet” it allows you to have (2) “IF BETS” going at the same time and will use each game as the first part on both bets..

First bet Oregon 1st – Miami 2nd &
Second bet it’s reversed to have Miami 1st and Oregon 2nd….

But you do not want to bet full amounts on a “REVERSE IF BET”…

Because it would not make sense to do so!

But if you did a $50 “reverse if bet” it would make sense.. Because you would be risking the same $110 to win the same $200

But to bet big on a reverse would be risking too much and basically killing the reasons you bet “IF BETS” to begin with.

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Sunday NFL – Game 4 World Series

1 parlay up for today for Parlay Club Members and a early strong underdog. Combine that with ReeceRoberts world Series game 4 selections and we should be sitting good come Monday.

Tough breaks yesterday prevented 2 out of 3 parlay winners as the Houston Cougars found away to stick it to us and kill a great parlay with the Florida/Georgia under already in the bag.

But it’s gambling not stealing and we have to adapt to the tough breaks because just like last Monday when Detroit Lions found the endzone late and cashed a crucial 3-0 for us – it goes both ways.

Anyway I want to be the first one to say congrats to Notre Dame I was totally wrong and can live with a loss like that, to go into Oklahoma and do what you did was awesome and proved me wrong – end of story.

One other game that killed a parlay was the Auburn Tigers getting demolished by Texas A&M… Nothing to say about that as I was wrong in thinking that the Auburn team would be more up for the game due to several aspects like emotion, home game at night, pride and other factors… But a loss is a loss and losing a spread by a half a point or by 20 and a half is still a loss. Once again the other half of that parlay was in the bag as Ohio state got the job done against Penn st.

The first parlay we released cashed in as Oregon cruised and Miami-Ohio pulled off the upset versus Ohio Bobcats.

ReeceRoberts continues to dominate as he called the SF Giants for the third straight time as they now own a 3-0 lead in the world series. Reece also cashed early winning with the Oregon Ducks..

Please note – we have many packages at other websites and we do our very best to get each client the best picks, sometimes a package will not include all selections due to factors out of our control.

To be sure you get ALL selections the best way is to call me direct and get on board for all access period. My personal cell number (256) 744-8739 I can get you all plays we play and offer better rates by going 1 on 1

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In closing – sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words and box scores from games clearly can distinguish the different ways the games can win and lose.. I will be posting some box score pics from time to time and hopefully more so than not the numbers will be on our side.

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Underground Parlay Club – Must Read!


Take a moment to look at the new page and program linked above called “Underground Parlay Club”.

Reece Roberts and myself have won 5 parlay awards in the past several months with very little effort and due to an overwhelming demand from players worldwide – we have created the Underground Parlay Club – a must read.

Thanks and GL
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Detroit Lions Back Door Cover

I must first speak to the guys that had the Chicago Bears on MNF – I know it sucks and the feeling is terrible, believe me I feel your pain.

Now I want to speak to our clients and tell you that it’s about time a break comes our way as the Detroit Lions gets the dreaded back door cover.

I was speaking to Reece the other day and was venting over all the misfortunes I have encountered over the past 3 weeks in college and pro football.

Just to name a few let’s start with the Green Bay screw Job with the replacement officials (I believe that started a string of bad luck). Also throw in the TCU/Kansas game where TCU dominated every aspect of the game except the covering part as there was 3 redone turnovers, and don’t forget just last weeks Oklahoma/Kansas under that looked like money until Kansas scores a very late TD. I have more… Let’s see…

Cleveland Browns last week going for a 2 pt. conversion in the 2nd quarter against the Colts and not converting it and well you get the picture.

Can’t forget the UL Monroe – Ark st. Backdoor cover or the Green Bay under this past Sunday as 10 points was scored in the final 2 minutes.

Many more I’m trying to forget so I won’t state any more.

In my conversation with Reece I told him all I need is a spark and the roles will reverse – this may be the beginning to a very nice run here at Underground Sports.

Monday was huge as we hit not only the Lions but the Under and the parlay and Reece nailed the SF Giants and the over for a perfect 5-0 sweep.

Tonight I have a Sun Belt play on Arkansas st. & UL Lafayette and a big weekend of College and Pro football also Reece Roberts will have all the World Series action and his private selections in football too.

Don’t forget NBA starting soon!

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Saturday College Football

Does not get no better than a full slate of NCAA college football for sports bettors.

Tuesday we had North Texas (W)
Thursday Houston Cougars (L)
Friday Over 43 Syracuse/UCONN (W)

Today you missed our first release on the Temple Owls … But plenty of action still to come from both myself and Reece Roberts.

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Georgia Bulldogs

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