Mid-Week Report – Weekend Warrior – *NEW*

Guy’s to win money betting on sports you must have a plan and stick to it. Something that I am guilty off not doing 100% of the time. But the time is now to plan ahead for a monster run starting this week!

Two weeks ago I fell victim to several heartbreaking losses. I had a two week guarantee on that weekend and although if the same games were to be played today – my guarantee would have stood. Call it bad breaks, screw jobs, point shaving, bad coaching, bad beats, replacement ref’s or whatever your term may be – to me it was lost money at the end of the week.

You do not stay in this business 25+ years and not deliver – its financially impossible and mentally impossible, however I am still here doing what I love to do and that’s predicting winners, handicapping, forecasting, crunching numbers etc … Or what I simply call picking winners.

Last weekend I posted all but a few plays FREE right here on this site and as a man of my word delivered all paying customers the plays free – those same customers will enjoy this weekend FREE too – no questions asked!

This week I will not be able to post them here, so maybe 1-2 weekend FREE plays posted on Twitter @ugsportsconn

While handicapping some of this week’s football card, I found that the games was jumping off the page at me like they did back in 2009 when I made that year my all time highest winning year in percentage and money profited or units earned. And that really excites me and should excite all my clients who has been with me ever since!

I stated back in January that this was going to be the new record breaking year and in February hired a close friend of mine Reece Roberts to come on board and work as a handicapper side by side with me and to compete with and against me for the benefit of my loyal longterm clients and help all new clients win money sports betting.

I have took on a lot of responsibility and extra work pushing Reece and teaching him this side of the business and in return I have learned a lot from him.

Reece has a sports betting background but has really done it from a underground stand point – no pun what so ever as Reece was a very successful bettor (not in Vegas as most claim) but with many local shops, and online sports books, just like the majority of you reading this. We always discussed plays we liked and exchanged tips and systems, however I was flying solo with the connection and was going to succeed or fail on my own and never really had any interest of bringing anyone else in or joining any other group or crews (although I have had many offers over the years).

In February 2012 it hit me and the ideas started flowing. Two heads are better that one, four eyes are better than two, and 50+ years of experience is better than 25+ . Reece joined me and it keeps getting better week after week!

Reece Roberts has came out of the gate just as I advertised leading up to his debut and has multiple handicapping awards already as basically a rookie handicapper to the public and with many more awards coming soon!

But the most impressive thing Reece has done so far is kick ass in MLB, something so many fail at and he continues to kick ass day after day! Best thing about it – he is never satisfied as 60% winners is not good enough for Reece and I love that!

Not making any excuses but to be honest, my handicapping in hoops and the bases was down this year, but I still stand behind my same words I use every year and that is “I will show you a longterm profit”! I laid off MLB and let Reece provide my clients (some of 10 yrs +) with his selections – and they love it! Like I said we were friends first and partners second and I trust him 100%

NFL is my sport if I had to pick just one and college football gets stronger as the weeks pass – my Bowl Records indicate that and I will match my post season NCAAF picks with anyone.

In 2010 i hit 7 straight 2 team parlays, 7 straight bowl side winners and 7 straight totals – no BS! And i sell more bowl packages each year than all other sports combined! And this week i feel like its mid November instead of late September as having Reece as a partner has got us both focused and in the zone on two different sports and its about to get very serious and very profitable for all.

This week will be huge as i have that uncanny feeling only I can feel and i intend on having the best week personally that i have had in 2012! It starts Thursday night as the Browns take on the Ravens and Stanford takes on Washington.

All that being said I can not jeopardize my time or Reece’s time working on websites, promos etc and make a few friendly wagers myself on the busy weekends. So a few rules must go in effect.

We will continue to do what we do, but if you want the plays you will have to get a package and be on the list daily, weekly, monthly or yearly before 5:00pm CST / 6:00pm EST or the purchased package starts the next day (only change we are currently making).

I ran into some time constraints last Saturday and Sunday as I was on the road a lot this past weekend and many players did not know about the site and I was basically selling picks via my iPhone on the side of the road at times and missed several late key plays and other important stuff that I was not able to do. So that’s why we have to have the lists filled out before the cut-off time listed above.

Packages purchased from here, hot cappers report, or premium picks page all have codes that are easy to access and should not be any issues as long as we all understand the importance of getting the picks out and fees in before the cutoff time.

I offer several ways of getting picks out to clients that includes text, email and person to person via phone if needed.

If you want quotes on packages or questions about service – please text a brief message and i will work you in and help you out the best way possible, may ask you to call me direct after the text, I will not answer unknown calls 100% of the time and never will i answer blocked numbers. If the phone option is a problem then please use a current and working email address and we can communicate that way.

My personal number is 256 744-8739

My email is tim@hotcappersreport.com

Reece’s email rra4auburn@yahoo.com

And by demand we now offer even more packages including the mid-week report, weekend warrior, Monday Night Magic, Two for Tuesday, Combo Packages and the featured “RED HOT” package – all these packages are now up at The Hot Cappers Report

No need betting your hard earned money blindly or from what ESPN thinks will happen – we do this professionally and ready to show you why Team Underground will be around long after most services close it down or change their names….

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  1. Correction I did not hit 14 parlays in a row. It was 7 straight sides and 7 straight totals for 14 winners in a row and 7 parlay winners.

    Underground Original

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