Free Winner Thursday Night NFL

1st Free winner cashed easy as I had Kent St. +4 also had Kent St. +3.5

Guys when I release a play and I do not list a line 95% of the time it means that I have not bet it yet.

I have tried to provide a closing line from various sites to back up my claims for records and integrity.

It is Almost impossible to get all clients on the same lines I have all the time.

See guys i take these games seriously and shop around and watch line movement to ensure I get the best possible lines.

I can only handicap the plays and give you what I got on paper. I can not coach, manage or make you play any certain line that I may have – its just not a perfect world.

The Wednesday Night winner Kent st. was listed at 3 different lines on 4 different occasions at some of the books I looked at around the time I officially released the pick to clients and posted here for all to see.

I personally advised my clients to try and get +4 as I was not sure if the line was heading toward +5 or lowered back to +3.5 or less. So as soon as I saw +4 I played it and released it to personal clients and all those who got it here for free.

Bottom line I played a little more on it as well at +3.5 later as more info came to me.

Hope you all understand we will not always have the same lines and I do my best to release the pick early or later in the day or near kickoff with intentions of us getting the best value and the same lines most of the time.

I have decided to release the Friday night play now, as I think this total is going to get lower, but for now the value is still there by using the current line of 49.

Today I like the under 49 Panthers/NYG

I like this line at 48 and up to go Under.

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Back later with more winners and updates…

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