NFL Replacement Ref’s are a joke!

NFL is jeopardizing a great product by continuing its use of replacement officials. It is getting very hard to watch and is IMO is a complete joke.

Half these scabs don’t know the rules and are totally lost and are having a tough time getting through a game without the focus being put on how poorly they are doing – instead of how great the game should be.

This is the end of week 2 and it is so clear to everyone these guys need to be back doing their 9 to 5 real jobs and we need the real guys back on the field doing what they do best ASAP!

So many calls are way to obviously fouled up due to incompetence that it’s not making the refs look any worst – but it’s making the NFL a mockery.

How many tweets to the commissioner does it really take to get him to make this right?

Come on Roger – pay the guys and let’s watch a quarter of football without watching both sidelines argue over and over with these clowns!

It’s so sad when these clowns calls are so far off that it not only pisses off the team/coaches affected by the multiple bad miscalls in EVERY game, but the inability to do anything right also pisses off the other sidelines team & coaches.

It really has turned into a three ring circus and has the fans pissed off, the media pissed off and eventually will have to be corrected – but when? Week five? Week 12?

Get off your ass Roger Goodell and do something this week!

Ray Lewis said it best as he feels the same way the majority of anyone who has any vested interest in the NFL feels, it sucks big time and for why? Is it because Roger Goodell wants to show everyone that a high end product can continue to be top notch using scabs?

What would happen if the players was replaced by arena league guys or CFL guys – well this is worst and I’m pissed off Roger Goodell because you know how shitty this is – so do your job and get it back to being pro football instead of some minor league bullshit that it’s rapidly becoming!

I challenge every blogger, sports news personality, sports radio host, fan, ex players, current players, coaches, announcers and so on to complain at a rapid pace this week and get ol’ Roger to have to address the severity of the problem and quit hiding and hoping it will get better – because it won’t and will only turn into a bigger circus.