Friday Sports Betting Info

Michael Vick – no more preseason for the QB but coach Andy Reid says he will be ready week 1 vs. their Friday preseason opponents the Cleveland Browns. Browns 2-0 SU and ATS while Eagles also sit 2-0 in the preseason. Eagles will start Nick Foles.

Atlanta Falcons look to get first Win as they travel to winless Dolphins. Reports say fights have broke out this week in falcons training camp as defense has been questioned as both losses were after falcons had leads. Maybe a way to motivate players to step it up by the coaches. Dolphins 0-2 start is mainly due to the new offense they are trying to install to incorporate success to rookie starting QB Ryan Tannehill. Look for Miami to focus a little more on the running game this week.

New England should be rested and ready to take on Tampa Bay as many starters sat out of the last MNF game. Buccs have question marks everywhere still, but coach Schaino intends to play starters (defense) longer tonight.

KC lost badly in St.Louis last week come back home to take on the Seahawks. Russell Wilson will get the start, so the coaches can see him perform vs a starting NFL defense.

SD 2-0 goes to Minnesota and don’t be surprised if AD Peterson gets some PT. Lots of injured chargers – but Norv Turner plans on starters to go longer than the 20 snaps they had last week vs the Cowboys.

Bears go to Giants not much to report on this game other than Bears would love to improve its defense witch has allowed 31 points in each of the 1st two games and NY wants to run the ball more effectively.

LA Sparks have now covered 8 straight games ATS. My man Reece has found yet another sport to handicap and has turned me on to some winners as well.

Pittsburgh Pirates need to take note at the Detroit Tigers and St. Louis Cardinals and see how probable playoff teams react when losing to shit teams!

Very nice day for Team Underground in MLB as my two totals go 2-0 with the over in Astros game and the under 7.5 in Braves game – Reece a solid 2-0 night with under 8 Rays game and SF RL… 4-0 in MLB

Football goes 1-2 as I made a terrible choice on the Baltimore total. Easy winner with the Packers and came up short in the turnover bowl cards/titans.

WNBA 2-0 as I rode the Sparks and Reece came out with the NY Liberty..

No late info on Thursday…

Personal service or advise did well as I gave several longterm clients some winning info that included a winning 3 team parlay MLB/WNBA mixed, always nice to hit a 3 teamer..

But that’s what Reece and I do we dig deep find the edge and deliver the info. After that the players have to play the games. Arizona Cardinals game was tough – but it was the correct call as you can not handicap turnovers. Tennessee backers had the better team and they took advantage – however the Arizona cover and win still had a shot down to the final tic… Let’s move forward..

Plays up around 1 hour prior to kickoff on Friday and Reece will have MLB early as always – lets kick ass this weekend! Have a good one guys.

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