Football week 3 – MLB heating up…

Great time of the year to be a handicapper and sports fan or bettor – its almost here for those who prefer to leave that preseason cash in your bookies hip pocket…

Guys the goal is 60+ percent for the season and right now going into week 3 of the preseason I’m at 62.5%

If you can not live with hitting a consistent 6 bets out of every 10 – then me and Reece are not for you. But if you are SMART and see the value between what you are asked to invest vs. the potential return – then we are exactly what you need.

MLB has been down this year for me – shit happens, but it’s not been a bad year for my #1 handicapper ReeceRoberts! Reece will get you through the next several weeks of the regular season and put you on the right sides and totals in daily MLB and his NEW sport that he is currently killing WNBA aka Beaverball… FREE

That’s right get Reece Roberts daily winning info (MLB & WNBA) FREE when you buy the best package out there….

$77 gets you the rest of August and all of September!

I’m not going to break this down and not going to over hype it. As most of you already know – if you find a post somewhere on the web of an offer I made – I honor it!

So if you decide to miss out on more winners like tonight or this weekend – the offer will be here when you decide to get on board.

Let’s make it happen today and win big!
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