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I do not know what the hold up Is with some sports bettors? Guys it is hard to top 77% winners!

Look guys i give these plays away via text to all my football clients absolutely free.

Im not hitting 77% of my personal plays – but I’m around 60% to 62% (remember the goal for football?) .. I also can say that my NFL preseason record is 7-2 btw that’s 77% too.. But I am talking late info plays that are phoned in to me by numerous contacts around the country and I play them blindly for a nice chunk each time!!!! I then text them to my clients because that is who I am.

I’m not here to get rich off of $69 packages guys. I’m a bettor first that loves handicapping & Reece is from the same mold.

We want our clients to make maximum profits for minimum payments. We offer packages less than $3 a day.

Why do we charge?

Because we work for ourselves and we work for you – we know what we can do over a season or year, but James, Tom and Marc does not know, so we have to be monitored, have to advertise, web upgrades, more clients more upgrades. Even though we have more cost each year – the price stays in range! A 31 day package 2 years ago was $84 same as today.

Texas/Yankees over 10 was the late info winner today. That win marks the 7th win out of last 9 info plays – 77%

You combine info plays, my NFL and Reece’s MLB – you have one hell of a package delivered to your inbox daily!

Less than $3 a day for combo packages, $99 preseason wt/free MLB till world series.

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