Late Info Plays 6-1 L7

Late info plays are a special perk for clients who have purchased the most current package or special (preseason NFL) from either Reece or Myself and who has provided a mobile phone number so the late info can be texted ASAP. Some times info arrives as close as 30mins prior to game time, however most of the time it’s more like 45mins to an hour prior to game-time.

We have provided those clients 6 winners out of last 7 releases. Some days just 1 play, some days 2-3 plays and like yesterday we may get no late info. Below is a list of the last seven picks and the play we released about 65mins before game time tonight on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball.

8/7 Over 9.5 (-115) NYY/Detroit Win
8/7 KC +1.5 (-110) Win
8/8 Russia -7 Olympic Hoops Win
8/8 LA Dodgers -1.5 (+100) Win
8/9 Under 8.5 (-110) NYY/Detroit Win
8/10 Over 195 Argentina/USA Lost
8/10 Under 34.5 Jets/Bengals Win
8/11 Pass
8/12 Atlanta Braves -110

These plays are not for sale – I can not put a number on these plays, since I do not know when I will get the info.

I just want my clients to get all they can from the service, if it takes my selections, Reece Roberts selections and giving away late information plays -for our clients to profit – then that is what we will provide.

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