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First off I know it was just a preseason game. – but how sweet was it to have football back? I did not see 1 play of the game, I caught about 10 mins before halftime on the radio – but it was nice. Here’s a funny story guys – now first off let me remind you I have seen some bad beats in my time, so as unbelievable as it seemed for the few seconds that it was …. I was thinking how can this be? What happened was I got a score update with about 11mins left in the game and saints were punting… I got tied up and did not check the score for what seemed like 20-25mins… I pulled out the iPhone and went to my scores and odds app and about had a heart attack as they were showing Saints 34 Cardinals 20 at the two minute warning.. OMG I thought! As my clients know we had a top play on the under and a smaller side play on the Saints… Thankfully just a typo or a sick joke by someone in cyber space lol.

NFL preseason football resumes Thursday and I love the game, i have a few more winners circled for week 1 too.

Guys one thing I know for sure is when people say betting the preseason is like throwing your money away – I can honestly say that’s total bullshit! Those same people bet on cricket, chess and tiddlywinks.

I know that each year as long as I can remember the NFL preseason and the NCAA Bowl season is by far my top two profit producing betting/handicapping sessions of the season. More on this in a bit.

I got to say that MLB has been a major disappointment this year, except for my 12-0 start! I really can’t say that I’ve never experienced a bad losing MLB season – because I have. I’ve also had huge winning seasons. But this has been the most frustrating one I can remember bar none. I lost a lot of my personal money, clients money, and almost lost my sanity as I went through about 5 systems before the bleeding stopped momentarily – so hard to regroup after your confidence has been tested – so I welcome preseason football with open arms.

Also I want to thank my partner ReeceRoberts (monitored at eagle eye, cappers monitor, handicappers watchdog and handicappers connection) – for trying daily to keep my head up and basically carrying team underground in MLB since around July 4th. I have reduced my baseball selections to 1 or 2 daily for email clients and Reece continues to send his normal 2-4 plays daily. I will say come next season (MLB) I will play it a little differently and hopefully avoid many mistakes that I made this year. So to you guys out there reading this and thinks that BS and bad beats only happen to you – I’m proof that it can happen to veterans like myself too. Just happy that after all these years handicapping and sports betting (27 years) I’m still able to learn from my mistakes.

I want to talk again about the next 4 weeks…

I am telling you now the $99 investment for these preseason games is as a solid of an investment that you can make! And after Thursday this offer is gone.

Right now forget about the college kickoff classics or week 1 of the REAL NFL season, because over the next 4 weeks I will be cherry picking only the best plays and the $99 investment will pay for itself several times over.

To all the guys who know how we roll in the preseason and paid their $99 in advance – congratulations…. Your package has been paid for already as we added 4* units to the bankroll after the first game!

Now once again for serious bettors only!

Invest the $99.00 today and get on board for this weekend and thank me later. PayPal me $99 bucks or chump change and take the guess work out when you try to handicapp the preseason. Because to be honest if you are not looking at the right stuff – you will miss the key factors needed to properly predict these games. It’s that simple.

So many handicappers and bettors were hoodwinked in the hall of fame game and missed the key factor that I had in my head as soon as I heard who was playing. Fact is the talk I was hearing was Arizona was the play due to the fact the Cardinals had a QB battle going? A QB battle between Kevin Kolb and any body is a joke! The guy wears cement shoes, he can’t move – so he try’s to avoid sacks at a record slow pace and instead of eating the loss and keeping the ball, he throws way too many INT’s so like I said I was never scared about a QB battle when one of the guys is Kevin Kolb. But the one key factor many overlooked was that the Saints was the one team in the league that wanted to put the pads on and get to work ASAP. When you are under the spot light month after month about things that you can not change or take back – the best thing you can do is bury yourself in your work and get the talking heads to talk about something else – something positive, such as Drew Brees’s opening drive or Mark Ingram carrying the rock to be the first person to score this season or something positive like a banged up defense do their best to play their best and keep Arizona out of the end zone.

Another factor was the bettors drove a already high preseason total all the way up to 37,5 or even 38 some places. I knew deep down that the players who was going to win or lose this game was whoever dressed out to play defense for the New Orleans Saints!

17-10 not 34-20 was the score / and guys there are more games this week that I will find the winning edge on. is the address to send payments to. No PayPal account needed as they will accept major credit and debit cards.

Last thing before i go. If you purchase before Thursday / Friday you will get all MLB from me and Reece till the last game of the world series absolutely free!

Also you will get (if you want) a new text service that will provide you with late information plays delivered to your mobile phone. I will text not only MLB/NFL late info picks but picks like Women’s or Men’s Olympic hoops, tennis, UFC or even NASCAR match ups…. If I get the word to place a bet from a colleague or reliable source I deliver that same info to you instantly.

To get this service FREE you need two things:

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