Pay after you win & late info plays

Guys I know losing picks suck! Nothing more you can say! If it was a play you handicapped it sucks to lose. If you are a player that has had a bad run and funds are low – take a look…,

ReeceRoberts and Underground Original will step it up big time and put it on the line for you!

How it works;

Very simple – contact me at or on Twitter @ugsportsconnection

Just let me know you are serious and we will do our best to deliver you one solid winner per call or day! Sound good?

All you pay is $10 per winning pick!

I must receive payment before you are eligible for your next play.

You NEVER pay for losing picks!

These plays will be the very best of the best as we want each play to cash – because believe it or not – we enjoy getting compensated for our work just like you do.

No excuse for serious players looking to pay a low price for winners only!

A $50 bettor for example still clears $40 for every winning pick (4 to 1)..

Reece Roberts and myself Will be here ready to advise you with top rated winning sports picks.

Also you will receive our personal cell phone numbers to guarantee you access 24/7 .

No matter if you play $5000k per game or $75 per game – the cost remains the same… Just $10 per winning selection