Bankroll Builder Part 3

As promised part 3 and final part of the discussion on betting various systems along with the pros and cons.

I wanted to save these for last since I have decided that one is better for what I do as a handicapper and teaching money management to clients.

First off plateau betting. This system is very smart as you play 2% of your bankroll always. You set a goal of say $500 to win. If your bankroll is $1K then at 2% your wagers will be $20 each till you reach you’re goal or profit of $500 and when you have met that goal – you now have a $1500 bankroll and the next wager at 2% will be increased to $30 and you can keep your goal at $500 or increase/decrease – that is up to you. This is a very good system and the best part is it takes a lot of losses to kill the bankroll.

Finally the star rating system and I use this when dealing with point spread sports like Football and Basketball – basically you rate the games or plays to have a better shot at profiting and not splitting and losing juice.

I give my clients 3 selections and two of them are rated 3* plays & the third play a 5* … here is how they would be played by someone betting $100 per star (*).

(3*) plays would be at $330 to win $300 and we have two different bets so its actually $660 to win $600 .. The (5*) would equal $550 to win $500

To profit off the 3 games at that unit scale, go 2-1 or 3-0 either combination will collect.

You could win the two 3* plays and lose the 5* and finish (2-1) for +$50.00

You could win one of the 3* plays and the 5* but lost the other 3* and end up going 2-1 for +$470.00

Of course a sweep would be 3-0
+$1100 and worst case result 0-3 ……….. -1210.00

Best way to explain why I like this system so much is due to the fact you can profit off a 2 play day such as a MNF game or any game where you play both the side and total. Most of the time you have to go 2-0 to profit off flat betting since 1-1 would lose you juice.

If I love the Over in the Kansas City / SD Chargers game I may make it a 4* play and may just make the Chargers a 1* play (if I just barely liked them). If I hit the over but miss the cover we still walk away with +$290.00 going 1-1

Rating games are tough so it’s best to use a basic 1* to 3* format at first and build up some cash and winning percentage first & save the stronger 4* and 5* plays for the games that you feel the strongest on.

System is very easy to grade and keep up with as a 5* winner is +5 and a 5* loss is -5.5 …

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