Sports Monitors – NFL Preseason $99

Ran across this on the web – so I can not take credit for this, but you never know these days? I hope the guy’s we deal with are legit as I spend a lot of money on fees and time per year entering plays at these sports monitors. Any way it’s gambling related so I thought I’d share it.

Just as there are dishonest handicapping services, there are dishonest sports monitoring services. Some are actually owned by handicappers who do, in fact, monitor other handicappers, but ‘accentuate’ their own handicapping records and those of their friends. Another form of dishonest sports monitoring is taking extra money (a bribe) to alter handicapping records for those willing to pay. How would any visitor to these websites know the difference between the honest and the dishonest?

Interesting to say the least. Now check out 2 offers from an Honest Handicapping Service for under $100 each:

NFL preseason just $99 Cards/Saints plus all 4 weeks – you will get the best plays weekly from us here at the Underground Sports Connection

31 days of MLB & NFL $84