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I will be back around noon on Friday with another free pick. congrats to the new guys who signed up and got the first college winner on the under 45 South Carolina and Vanderbilt.

Late sign-ups I gave you UNLV +10 currently winning outright as 10pt dog.

Another fantastic day for Reece Roberts MLB clients as
he delivered a 4-0 day so far (Dodgers RL pending) as he cashed with Oakland A’s and the over plus KC Royals and the under.

Another great day here at Underground Sports.

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We are handicappers – not Psychics … But

Sometimes it seems ReeceRobers has a crystal ball!!!

Guys when we created the combo package – this is what we had planned. As we saw an opportunity to give clients a little more for a lot less. When one of us is down the other never misses a beat and the clients capitalize from it. We offer indivisible plans, to those only seeking one mans opinions. We offer late breaking info FREE whenever we get it – no extra charge. We offer full season packages as well as weekly and monthly service. And disciplined players looking for just that 1 big winner daily!!! We have the POD service or the high end play if the day. We also offer random personal picks not released to the public such as WNBA, MMA and even had 1 tennis winner this year. Also advise and I will add (winning advise) on parlays, RL’s and more. I gave out a winning 3 team parlay this past Wednesday absolutely free. So no we are not just a sports service that sells picks we are advisors, investors and we play our own games – and that’s a major plus guys – just think about that for a moment.

Our goal is and always has been to produce a profit! The more winning days you have produces more winning weeks and winning weeks create winning months – that always produces winning years.

I can not remember the last losing season and I know it’s been over 5 years since we had a (bed shitting ) over a 365 day period.

The title is for the bettors that just check the final scores and scratch their heads wondering how it played out.

Unfortunately i have the NFL network who will show all 60+ compleat games . A positive I can see how we win and lose.

A few games we turned the ball over way too many times – but in all the hurtful losses we had a shot to cover ATS on several last drive occasions.

A loss is a loss just as a win is a win – we always move forward.

Truthfully if we were on titans, bears, Patriots or vikings you can bet your ass we would be gloating. But it’s not the case as we lost the above list of teams as we had the (wrong) side in these games.

My “we are handicappers not psychics” comment is based on the teams listed above as we can only do the work and crunch the numbers – its up to the teams to play their best as we predicted. And the fact is the winning bettors on these games (if honest) will tell you they were lucky to win the games – but when the average bettor losses – they tend to look for excuses other than the obvious.

Let’s look at a huge teaser we had on Friday on the Ravens Pk and under 46.5 .. With a few minutes into the 4th quarter Baltimore was up big and total was in the 30’s but in the last 9 or 10 minutes – the game reached over 50 points and resulted into a loser.

I did learn from the loss as I say now (teasers are sucker bets). As the name “teaser” is exactly what it is – it teases you into thinking you have a unbeatable play on paper – have you ever played a teaser that did not look like a winner on paper? The call I made had the best edge and more likely to cover. And when we win – we move on, so I do not have time to bitch when we lose off turnovers, fumbles, interceptions and garbage points of 20+ in the closing minutes.

Arizona Cardinals struggled entire first half – but not only got back even went up and was cruising to victory but turnover killed the game winning drive as time expired. Yeah If I had Titans I would not say much – but cardinals was the right call going into the game from a handicappers point of view – a psychic would already know who the winner was lol.

SOS with NYG, Vikings and the other losses we indued the last 2 days …

I have 3 more plays today and after the research was done – the 3 plays I released already should cover each spread and get us right back in the charts and back close to our goal of 60% plus winners.

You heard the ugly as I told you about the losses – how about the winners on Tampa Bay and the Falcons? Was I lucky in making those picks? The answer is no and it just helps prove my point as both games were easy wins with the outcome decided early and not won in final minutes off of turnovers.

Handicapping 101 will tell you that you can not handicap turn overs!

Now to some great news and reference to ReeceRoberts crystal ball….. The guy must have one as he is undefeated in his last 8 client selections in MLB! Go figure a handicapper breaks down 8 MLB games and wins 7 and pushed on one. Basically RR called the right teams to win and the players stepped up and avoided costly mistakes like blown saves, errors and poor play.

Congrats on the streak Reece – cant wait to see your card for Saturday as I’m laying low in MLB and focusing on the NFL the next two days.

NCAA football starts next week and you can get the College plays (regular season) for $159.00 – same deal just send in payment to my email address and get added to the list.

Text me today and enjoy not only my 3 bounce back NFL plays (2 dogs – 1 fav)
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Friday Sports Betting Info

Michael Vick – no more preseason for the QB but coach Andy Reid says he will be ready week 1 vs. their Friday preseason opponents the Cleveland Browns. Browns 2-0 SU and ATS while Eagles also sit 2-0 in the preseason. Eagles will start Nick Foles.

Atlanta Falcons look to get first Win as they travel to winless Dolphins. Reports say fights have broke out this week in falcons training camp as defense has been questioned as both losses were after falcons had leads. Maybe a way to motivate players to step it up by the coaches. Dolphins 0-2 start is mainly due to the new offense they are trying to install to incorporate success to rookie starting QB Ryan Tannehill. Look for Miami to focus a little more on the running game this week.

New England should be rested and ready to take on Tampa Bay as many starters sat out of the last MNF game. Buccs have question marks everywhere still, but coach Schaino intends to play starters (defense) longer tonight.

KC lost badly in St.Louis last week come back home to take on the Seahawks. Russell Wilson will get the start, so the coaches can see him perform vs a starting NFL defense.

SD 2-0 goes to Minnesota and don’t be surprised if AD Peterson gets some PT. Lots of injured chargers – but Norv Turner plans on starters to go longer than the 20 snaps they had last week vs the Cowboys.

Bears go to Giants not much to report on this game other than Bears would love to improve its defense witch has allowed 31 points in each of the 1st two games and NY wants to run the ball more effectively.

LA Sparks have now covered 8 straight games ATS. My man Reece has found yet another sport to handicap and has turned me on to some winners as well.

Pittsburgh Pirates need to take note at the Detroit Tigers and St. Louis Cardinals and see how probable playoff teams react when losing to shit teams!

Very nice day for Team Underground in MLB as my two totals go 2-0 with the over in Astros game and the under 7.5 in Braves game – Reece a solid 2-0 night with under 8 Rays game and SF RL… 4-0 in MLB

Football goes 1-2 as I made a terrible choice on the Baltimore total. Easy winner with the Packers and came up short in the turnover bowl cards/titans.

WNBA 2-0 as I rode the Sparks and Reece came out with the NY Liberty..

No late info on Thursday…

Personal service or advise did well as I gave several longterm clients some winning info that included a winning 3 team parlay MLB/WNBA mixed, always nice to hit a 3 teamer..

But that’s what Reece and I do we dig deep find the edge and deliver the info. After that the players have to play the games. Arizona Cardinals game was tough – but it was the correct call as you can not handicap turnovers. Tennessee backers had the better team and they took advantage – however the Arizona cover and win still had a shot down to the final tic… Let’s move forward..

Plays up around 1 hour prior to kickoff on Friday and Reece will have MLB early as always – lets kick ass this weekend! Have a good one guys.

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Football week 3 – MLB heating up…

Great time of the year to be a handicapper and sports fan or bettor – its almost here for those who prefer to leave that preseason cash in your bookies hip pocket…

Guys the goal is 60+ percent for the season and right now going into week 3 of the preseason I’m at 62.5%

If you can not live with hitting a consistent 6 bets out of every 10 – then me and Reece are not for you. But if you are SMART and see the value between what you are asked to invest vs. the potential return – then we are exactly what you need.

MLB has been down this year for me – shit happens, but it’s not been a bad year for my #1 handicapper ReeceRoberts! Reece will get you through the next several weeks of the regular season and put you on the right sides and totals in daily MLB and his NEW sport that he is currently killing WNBA aka Beaverball… FREE

That’s right get Reece Roberts daily winning info (MLB & WNBA) FREE when you buy the best package out there….

$77 gets you the rest of August and all of September!

I’m not going to break this down and not going to over hype it. As most of you already know – if you find a post somewhere on the web of an offer I made – I honor it!

So if you decide to miss out on more winners like tonight or this weekend – the offer will be here when you decide to get on board.

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Wednesday Update 8/22/12

Be sure to check out the extra pages listed above including the contact/about us page. In there you will get my personal cell phone number to reach me about one of our many offers we have going (please text the first time) I will get back to you as soon as possible.

NFL football is hitting at 62.5% as we made a goal to hit 60+% this football season. Week #3 of the NFL preseason means more playing time for first units (most teams). But make sure you check out QB rotations and game plans by the head coaches. The few games I have lost so far have been close, and I intend on winning big this week and cruise out of next week with a profitable preseason.

If you received the email about the $26 weekend – it does run today (Wednesday) thru (Sunday) there was a typo and said thru Monday – I will honor that typo and give you the plays on Monday at no additional cost.

We are celebrating our 26th football season and this is a good promotion to show new clients what we are about here at Underground Sports Connection.

Check out Eagle Eye sports monitors new free picks website. Terry does a great job at Eagle Eye and at Handicappers Connection as he is honest and runs two great sports monitors, all free picks are picks the cappers have in the monitors as well, that was Terry’s idea to make sure the free picks were quality ones and not just thrown out there.

Late info took a 0-2 night on Tuesday – you will always hear not only the good but the bad from us here at underground sports connection. However 2 losses is the longest losing streak the late info plays have ever went, so be ready for the next play when I send it out. Late info is available to clients who purchase a package and give me a mobile number so I can text them the plays.

My personal cell number is (256) 744-8639 you can contact me with any questions concerning plays or packages. I honor all specials you read about – all you got to do is ask. Please text me on first call – so i know you are interested.

All payments can be sent to and you do not have to have a PayPal account to get payments sent in as you can use a credit or debit card via the PayPal website as they will run the transaction for you.

If you did not get the latest offer concerning our 26th year (football season). I have posted it here a message or two down. $26 gets you today Wednesday 8/22 till Monday and you get all the football as well as best bets from ReeceRoberts out of MLB and the WNBA.

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No need to be losing hard earned money as team underground reaches out daily and delivers the best sports betting information money can buy.

More updates later
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