Bankroll Betting Systems

This subject will be debated more times than who will actually win the upcoming Super Bowl.

Finding the best longterm winning betting system is debated 365 days a year by someone. Below I will do my best and describe some of the different sports betting systems out there and only you know how you play the games that ReeceRoberts and myself provide here at Underground Sports Connection

I also want to quickly point out before moving forward in this discussion with my opinion before you decide on how to find a system that will make you money. I have tried all of the systems at one time in my life and from experience they all work if you have the money to lose and the picks are winning. However many times a player has to use his money to take care of personal matters,expenses or emergencies. And then the chasing begins and the stress sits in creating more losses and eventually the player blames the system and begins a new one. We as sports bettors naturally expect to win – but the truth is we need to be more prepared for the unavoidable losses that are part of what we do. We all hear that the break even point of winning money betting games ATS is 52.38% however that number is the smallest possible percentage a gambler has to reach to make the smallest possible ROI and only if all the games you bet are -110 odds. Sometimes we buy points resulting in betting games that are -115 or -120 and now the 52.38% has risen to a higher minimum with a loss.

Last thing to understand that each sport you bet has to be viewed different, for example you have been betting the NBA and not buying points, each play you wagered on was at -110 odds and you are hitting 54% of your plays. I do not need a calculator to tell you that you are making a decent return and should be happy with yourself. Problem here as gamblers 54% does not look to sexy, but to a honest monitored handicapper it’s decent because reality proves that a much higher percent of gamblers and handicappers fall below the Mendoza line so to speak. Part two of this example is NBA is over and you have some cash and want to bet MLB. You must now know that basically most of the systems we will be discussing are no good when it comes to wagering on MLB baseball, because bets will not always be -110 odds. So another debate will now enter the mix, winning percentage vs. positive money. I will stand firm and say hands down winning percentage does not matter when betting baseball however too many consecutive losses will hurt worse. So basically I’m saying that anyone who bets just favorites will get destroyed and people who only bet underdogs will also not make it betting MLB games. So common sense, discipline and proper money management has to take over as top priority. So no better point to introduce several betting systems,some pros and cons on each.

Part 2 of this will be up later today.

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