Nolan Ryan vs. Josh Hamilton

Nolan Ryan criticizing Josh Hamilton on a Texas radio show has me flabbergasted to say the least. Now I’m a huge fan of Nolan Ryan and I feel that Ryan should be able to have the green light to criticize any pitcher on the planet. But to be the CEO of the Texas Rangers and to basically call out Josh Hamilton on a sports talk radio show IMO was way out of line. To say Hamilton is giving up at bats is foolish for anyone who would be in a position to question Josh’s style of hitting, but for your boss to call you out in public and question your hitting philosophy must feel like a slap in the face. No one would ever question Nolan Ryan if he said something like the Brewers bullpen sucks! Seriously this should never have been said – but if it was a jab to get Hamilton fired up and hitting – I hope it works. Like I said I’m a Nolan Ryan fan so not gonna slam him too much – just feel it was out of line. But in closing, I will say that if Nolan wants his Rangers to one day be world series champions he will need the bat of Josh Hamilton. Winning cures all ills – but in house spats and disputes made public are always the last thing you want to see and hear from any team in any sport.