Big Saturday in MLB

Guy’s this is the part of the year that makes or breaks sports bettors. For example if you made money betting MLB the first half of the season – most bettors end up pushing just a little too much after the All-Star break in anticipation for the upcoming NFL season in an attempt to have a bigger bankroll. The idea is great and kudos to you if that works for you. However here are a few things that I have seen over and over again that may want you to set back on the profit you have already made.

First off the cream will rise to the top. In other words the better teams will stand out usually pretty quick after the break. You will see leads increase in some divisions and in other divisions you will see a tight race between 2-3 teams all fighting for a playoff birth. With the better teams rising to the top – that means the pretenders will fall further behind. This happens each year – so what’s the big deal?

The oddsmakers will adjust quicker than the average player and you will see match ups come with a higher price that will cost the bettors more in Vig/Juice.

For example a Yankees – Bluejays game played in May at -130 odds will more than likely be at -150 soon, meaning more money for either the bookies – bookmakers or the underdog bettors. The increase in price will only hurt the players who tend to bet the favorites and also the price adjustments will decrease parlay winnings, something to think about.

Who are the contenders and who are the pretenders? How can you decide ASAP to give you an edge as Vegas starts to adjust. A few things to look for is who’s making the short-term trades vs. teams that are building for the future. Also injuries can kill a teams chance to make a serious run at any time especially to team leaders and Pitchers (starting or relief). I have seen some contenders give up after a key injury and a mini losing streak going into late August/September that will give another team another chance.. So many different angles and possibilities to factor in – but remember the oddsmakers will adjust first and if you do not have a feel for the game or the ability to for see who is for real and who is not … Well you may want to take those early profits straight into the football season – because MLB betting only gets harder from this point forward.

I will discuss more on what to look for in future post such as the added wildcard factor this year, how September call ups will affect teams differently, what teams will play their best baseball as spoilers such as Baltimore did late last season, also my thoughts on what managers have it and those who I feel do not have what it takes to go deep in the playoffs no matter the talent they may or may not have.

If that seems to be a little too much to consider for your hectic schedule, work, and family time (believe me – I did not cover a third of the differences between the last 81 games compared to the first 81 games) you may want to leave the handicapping up to the professionals like ReeceRoberts and myself as we will do whatever it takes to make you the most money possible heading into the NFL and NCAA football season. We will work just as hard for the ones reading this as we would work for ourselves and that’s a fact – because we play all the games personally that our clients receive and that’s a fact!

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