Team Underground Monitored at Handicapper Connection

Team Underground is proud to announce that we have added yet another top ranked third-party independent sports monitoring service “Handicapper Connection”

To see a complete list of all the Sports Monitoring service ReeceRoberts and myself use click on this link

We value the relationships we have with the sports monitors – because it is the only way to verify who is legit and who is not – if you are looking for a Handicapper or a pair of handicappers like Team Underground then the first place you need to check is the Sports Monitors listed at the above link.  If you choose a handicapper that is not listed at any of the monitors – then to be honest it is not going to be a good relationship, because as I see it they are hiding their records for a reason and without the numbers they advertise being verified then IMO they can not be trusted!

For $2.70 per day you can have myself and ReeceRoberts working for you daily and you will get the same plays we play and the same plays we enter in the monitors listed above – here at Underground Sports Connection we have nothing to hide and never pad our stats!

More Later

Tim Hood (ugsportsconn)