Jerry Sandusky Guilty on 45 Counts

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Finally Jerry Sandusky‘s last years will be spent behind bars as the 68-year-old monster was found guilty on 45 counts of some of the most sickening charges I have ever heard. Sandusky will spend the next few weeks, months held up in a local jail until the system can make arrangements to move the molester to the state prison system and protect him from the general population as he will be spending the next 442 years locked up in a 6×8 cell 23 hours a day!

I was prepared to write a nice long entry on how I felt about this monster – but really nothing I could write could be harsh enough to describe this creep.

One piece of advice to anyone that truly loves children, has children and grandchildren – there are Jerry Sandusky’s everywhere! My challenge to you is if you know of or see someone do some of these acts to a child then do the right thing – no matter the circumstance!

I speak for myself in saying if I had seen that old fuck doing what Mike McQueary saw in that shower in 2001 – I would have beat the you know what out of him and dragged the old bastard the best way possible to the jailhouse and called someone to take the child to the hospital and all future victims would have been not touched by this animal! But that’s me. I would have called every newspaper, TV news station, web sites, Radio ECT… and broke the news ASAP!

I have no sympathy for Penn st and their 1.8 Billion dollars! I have no symphony for the coaches of the school that HAD TO KNOW Sandusky was a sad sick and twisted pervert! I have no sympathy for Dottie Sandusky who took the stand a few days ago and told the jurors how great Jerry Sandusky was and that she was never aware of any wrong doing – BULL SHIT Dottie! I have no sympathy for the 1.8 billion dollars that Penn st will lose over the next 10-15 years from civil cases and other outlets due to their incompetence and half ass attempt to sweep these sick acts under a rug and keep everything hush-hush and protecting their pride ex coach Jerry Sandusky! And guess what Jerry Sandusky I have to Sympathy for you as you will not see another innocent boy again in your sad – sad miserable life!

The guy’s I do have sympathy for is the students of Penn st. and the Football players of Penn st. (current). They have to live in the crooked town that had to KNOW these acts were happening.

Someone somewhere will read this that knew of what Sandusky was doing and did not tell a soul – for you… I have no sympathy for you either as you will have to answer for it one day.