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Guy’s First off it feels great to win a few games in a row for a change.  Now Winning Sports Picks is nothing new to me or ReeceRoberts, But sometimes you the clients get on board at the wrong time.  How do we fix this?  Well If I had the answer it would not be called gambling!

All I can ask for is patience and the understanding from old clients and new clients – That the Underground Sports Connection somehow – someway provides more Winners longterm than losers!

I know better than anyone that we have to put the past behind us after a terrible day and we have to do the same after a great day.  The cold hard truth is that we only remember the bad days and forget the good days.  However the plan is to adapt to the daily grind and stick with the program that works longterm.  Now this is way more important than the games we release daily as you the clients or potential clients have all the control and we have very little to a certain degree.  Case and point after I hit the send button on the email I am done – I made the best decisions I felt at the time to win us money.  It is up to you to control yourselves from adding extra plays, forcing Parlays when we did not advise them or playing late games on your own off of an emotional day or last minute impulse that often happens when things are going the wrong way.  You have to have patience, discipline, trust and confidence in knowing that the bottom line is ReeceRoberts & myself Tim Hood (Team Underground) will get it done longterm.  Also the word longterm should not scare you – It should be the ultimate goal when it’s all said and done.  Look at it this way, If you are losing picks consistently and by that I mean if you are paying your Book Maker or Sports Book more money weekly, Monthly or Yearly than he is paying you – and it becomes a pattern, then you need a change! 

If we (Underground Sports Connection) continue to find ways to profit yearly from sports betting then we are what you need.  And it is documented all over the web by various third party and independant Sports Monitors or Watchdogs that we do win longterm with our Sports Picks and profit yearly!

You may be a Basketball Bettor that just wants to keep your action going and never considered the long grind that  MLB is made of? Or you may just be the Football bettor that simply has that itch and stumbled across this site while getting ready for August to get here?  Or maybe you bet all three sports but somewhere during the grueling stretch of the MLB season you throw in the towel and ask yourself “who wins betting this crap anyway?  Whatever the case may be – you are reading this because you want to WIN!  And you need a Bank Roll for Football and you just can never win betting MLB night after night.  But really to be honest – no one can!  Baseball will have good teams lose 8-9 games in a row while sub .500 teams will catch momentum and pull off 4-5 upsets in a row.

MLB Betting is like nothing you have seen before if you are just a Hoops & Football Point Spread bettor.  I’m sure there was a few times you stepped out and Bet on a Money Line play here and there in the sports mentioned, but MLB is Money Lines daily or the occasional Run Line, Totals or Parlays.  We don’t get to pick the NY Yankees -5 and have to win the win the game by Six points to cover, In MLB betting you just have to win the game!  But it’s not as easy as it looks and I know you will agree if you ever attempted it.

Some Handicappers use MLB Betting System to assist them daily in coming up with the possible winners, however I have never seen a sport that will make you look so stupid as Baseball will when trying to get a simple straight up win!  I myself started this 2012 year off to what was one of my best starts ever in MLB betting, however the sad truth is it went sour and all the systems that was working like clockwork did not work anymore.  What do you do then?  You try to figure out the problem and adjust and if at first you do not succeed then you try again and again and again.  But you have to control emotions and use proper money management or you are out of the game quickly.

Here is where me and Reece come in at and we pride ourselves on finding the edge that we need and the edge you need to get back on track and we follow this formula 365 days a year no matter what sport is being bet on.  We are the Professionals that work for you and we find the way to make you profits in sports betting.

I have personally had years where I got killed in NBA basketball but did fair in NCAA hoops for instance but just broke even betting MLB but went into August and rolled off 5 winning months in Football and had a great Bowl Season and NFL Playoff run and when the 365th day rolled around I came out on the positive side and collected more than I paid the Bookies or Sports Books and when you see this happen year after year after year, you see and understand that the formula we use works for us and our longterm clients and we guarantee it will work for you too!

The formula is simple it is to provide you with daily selections from two Top Handicappers not just one guy who goes through ups and downs but from two guys who go through ups and downs.  It has been well documented that the odds of both of us (ReeceRoberts & Tim Hood) to be going through losing streaks at the same time is a very low percent and that means more possible winning days that leads to more winning weeks that leads to more winning months and of course winning years.

Now what is different about the two Capper system we use opposed to the multi handicapper sites available?  In multi I mean 3-4-5 or more Cappers that offer their plays at one website but do not work off of the same schedule or do not deal with the same clients.  I mean maybe you can get one of the Handicappers for a period of time and when he gets cold jump to another one and so on, but you have probably done that before – Right?  And it never really works – does it?

Now do you see the difference?  Those sites are set up kind of like a buffet, I mean you got the Meat, vegetables, Bread, Drink and Deserts and you also have a lot of stuff you probably will not try, so you go for the best tasting food you can eat and you avoid the others – even though some other guy keeps going back to get more of what you passed up.  Sometimes you think to yourself “wonder if that was good”?  What I am getting at if you jump from Fillet to Salmon to Shrimp to Prime Rib over and over again but never try the Pork Chops that the other guys are chowing down – you will never know how good they are by passing them up time and time again.

Not calling Reece and myself “Pork Chops” but let’s get real we are probably not known as the “Prime Rib” of Sports Handicappers?  That is where the name Underground Sports Connection comes in.  We are apart of something that for the most part is new and fresh and we are not scared to mix it up with the big guys.  I know many of you have heard of Handicappers like Jim Fiest, Jeff Allen, Stu Fiener, Jack Price, Kevin Duffy, Dave Cokin, Wayne Root and Brandon Lang.  But now what do those guys offer that we can not provide?  The answer is NOTHING!  See we personally bet the games we release and we keep cost down instead of raising them according to how much you bet, we keep prices low because we will be doing the same work daily with 1000 clients or 10 clients, we keep prices low because we do not have salesman to pay or phone solisitors to pay, we keep prices down because we do not have to have 10,000 clients just to break even.  We keep it real and simple and we win longterm.

We call this formula the “Combo Package” it is only $84 for 31 days that comes out to only $2.70 per day.  The system Works for us and many other regular guys who love collecting instead of paying.  If this sounds good to you – then contact me now at and we will get you on the games tonight and for the next 31 days and you will not be looking anywhere else any longer – because you too will see that this is simply a “Winning Formula” that can not be passed by any longer.

I have a quick pay link located on the home page of that allows you to pay with major credit cards, debit cards or PayPal.  It is time for you to be a long-term winner and see first hand why we are so proud of our product.

More later …

Tim Hood (ugsportsconn)