Sunday 6-10 Hot Cappers Report

The Vince Lombardi Trophy.
The Vince Lombardi Trophy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Things are about to heat up – I can feel it!  ReeceRoberts and myself both feel it as we get closer to Football NCAANFL, as we all know when you talk about Sports Betting Football is King!  Bankroll is the single most important thing when it involves Sports Betting.  You can end up with the best Winning Percentage of your life – but without proper Money Management and Bankroll you are very limited in your opportunity to show a profit. 

How much Money do I need for a Bankroll to Bet Pre-Season NFL, NCAA & NFL Regular Season, NFL Playoffs, All the NCAA Bowl Games and of course the Superbowl?

My answer is I do not know?  Easy to answer from me – But very good question and I hear it several times a year in the business.  It depends on what your goals are?  What do you feel is a good return on investment?  Do you intend Betting the entire season?  Are you happy with small gains and sometimes small losses to achieve the season ending goal of making a profit?  Many questions that each individual Bettor must answer for himself.

Underground Sports Connection is just a place Bettors come to when they need picks and longterm winners – we can not be there with you when the urge hits to make another play after our selections are all finished and made money.  We prefer do deal with the Bettors who want to profit and understands the risk involved!

My 401k is very risky, but I understand that risk and continue to put money into the fund because I want to reach a certain goal in the long run.  Sports Betting with Professionals like ReeceRoberts and myself should be no different.  You will never see us claim to make you X amount of dollars for a certain investment.  You also will never see us ask our clients the amount they play on each game either.  The reason is simple – Our plan is to make all our clients money off their investments one month at a time – not day by day.  So the clients that Bet $500 to $1000 per game spend the same amount of money for their selections as the clients who wager $25 to $50 per game.  If the system is followed it will make money 7 to 8 months out of a year and thus making you money longterm.

Patience is a virtue and you have to be able to withstand some terrible days and runs – but you have to be committed to stay in the game so those bad days turn into good days and runs and eventually turn into great weeks and months, it’s all a part of the program.  So basically here is the best answer I can ever give to players asking about bankroll.  You need to be able to lose and not feel pressure doing so – you have to know going in that it is called Gambling for a reason, but in the back of your mind also know that me and Reece are working on the next game, next ML, next Parlay, next Sport ETC..  So you must have enough bankroll or Stack to stay in the game daily.  I also advise those who have kept track of their past wagers and even though you had great days, weeks and months – but a losing season or year to really consider the system we have and make your goal to have a winning year and for once beat the Sports Books and Bookies at their own game!  The feeling is great, but not many people get to experience it.

Our system is very simple and we stay in constant contact with all clients with daily plays from both handicappers and we also give advise and tips on how and when to play some the games we release.  Bottom line is we do all the work – you just read the emails and make the Bets and stay focused and disciplined.

Our system is called the Team Underground Combo Package and it is only $84 for 31 days just $2.70 per day.  We keep records of all plays each Bettor receives and when they started to insure no one is left holding the bag.  We go far beyond other Sports Services and Handicappers to insure our clients stay on board for the BIG BIG days that happen from time to time.  Most days are normal but it is the huge days and winning streaks that set us up for success in the long run.

You too can be a personal client and you can start today as ReeceRoberts has a 2 team parlay, 1 small Favorite and 2 totals up for today and I have 3 best bets including the Sunday Night MLB game on ESPN.  Reds – Tigers.

Send $84 PayPal to and get started ASAP also check out as we have a quick payment link that accepts all major credit cards as well as debit cards and PayPal.

Hope to hear from you soon as a part of Team Underground


Tim Hood (ugsportsconn)