Lamar Odom Back to Clippers


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I for one am glad Lamar Odom is headed back to LA.  This time as a Los Angeles Clipper.  Lamar a former Clipper had his worst season ever last year as a Dallas Maverick and I really felt bad for Lamar as he really went through an emotional roller coaster as he felt he would be a Laker again after probably his best year when he won the NBA sixth man of the year award, however that was not the case as he was traded to the Memphis Grizzlies and then later back to the Lakers when the deal for Chris Paul fell through.  To make this worse the whole thing was played out on TV in the Khloe & Lamar.  The drama of the entire ordeal and Lamar leaving LA for Dallas just never felt right from the beginning.  Maybe this trade will make Khloe very happy and Lamar can concentrate on his first love Basketball!

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NBA Draft 2012 – ugsportsconn – Picks under $3.00?

Anthony Davis Jordan Brand Classic 2011

Anthony Davis Jordan Brand Classic 2011 (Photo credit: BasketballElite)

NBA Draft 2012 is underway and here is the top 10 picks:

1. New Orleans Hornets – Anthony Davis (Kentucky)

2. Charlotte Bobcats – Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (Kentucky)

3. Washington Wizards – Brady Beal (Florida)

4. Cleveland Cavaliers – Dion Waiters (Syracuse)

5. Sacramento Kings – Thomas Robinson (Kansas)

6. Portland Trailblazers – Damian Lillard (Weber st.)

7. Golden St. Warriors – Harrison Barnes (North Carolina)

8. Toronto Raptors – Terrence Ross (Washington Huskies)

9. Detroit PistonsAndre Drummond (UCONN)

10. New Orleans Hornets – Austin Rivers (Duke)

Looks like a solid draft and New Orleans getting the #1 & #10 picks hummm … Was the Draft Lottery Rigged?  I know old news – but could not resist.

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No Hitters – Jerry Sandusky – Dottie Sandusky

English: Basketball player LeBron James during...

English: Basketball player LeBron James during the game Washington Wizards versus Miami Heat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the most interesting things about creating these blogs and adding different post is that you can see what other people are searching for and how they found the blog.  After I went on my rant about Jerry Sandusky on Saturday I saw the post had a high number of hits (not surprised due to the nature of the story) however most of the searches was for Dottie Sandusky!  So I am not alone in my opinion that Dottie Sandusky knew all about the sick and twisted ways of Jerry Sandusky.  Looks like the only person right now creeper than Jerry Sandusky is Dottie Sandusky!  I mean let’s get real and call a spade a spade. 

They say that Jerry Sandusky is not suicidal, however he has stated he wants to be in the prisons population and not locked up in his 6×8 23 hours a day.  Humm sounds pretty suicidal to me or just a sick fantasy running through a sick fucks mind!

No Hitters in baseball – remember when they meant something?  Seems like once a week a possible no hitter is deep into the 6th or 7th inning and more and more often another one happens.  The perfect game is not as celebrated as it once was, what is going on?  Is this what happens when players are not taking steroids?  Not sure myself – just asking.

Miami Heat NBA Champions and I just wanted to say congrats to them and Lebron James as many of his critics may shut the hell up for once!  But I have been one of his critics too – but not for what he does on the court.  Anyone who questions his ability to play the game of basketball then I may have to question your intelligence.  No complaints ever on LeBrons skills but on the way he handled the entire “I’m taking my talents to South Beach” primetime TV escapade.  What ever happened to the days where the best players went to the worst team and made those teams winners?  I truly believe that if Lebron had it to all over again he would have handled the entire fiasco a little different?  I want to believe that anyway.

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Jerry Sandusky Guilty on 45 Counts

Sandusky Motivational Poster, Jerry Sandusky, ...

Sandusky Motivational Poster, Jerry Sandusky, Rape, Funny, Penn State, Football (Photo credit: s13silviaguy)

Finally Jerry Sandusky‘s last years will be spent behind bars as the 68-year-old monster was found guilty on 45 counts of some of the most sickening charges I have ever heard. Sandusky will spend the next few weeks, months held up in a local jail until the system can make arrangements to move the molester to the state prison system and protect him from the general population as he will be spending the next 442 years locked up in a 6×8 cell 23 hours a day!

I was prepared to write a nice long entry on how I felt about this monster – but really nothing I could write could be harsh enough to describe this creep.

One piece of advice to anyone that truly loves children, has children and grandchildren – there are Jerry Sandusky’s everywhere! My challenge to you is if you know of or see someone do some of these acts to a child then do the right thing – no matter the circumstance!

I speak for myself in saying if I had seen that old fuck doing what Mike McQueary saw in that shower in 2001 – I would have beat the you know what out of him and dragged the old bastard the best way possible to the jailhouse and called someone to take the child to the hospital and all future victims would have been not touched by this animal! But that’s me. I would have called every newspaper, TV news station, web sites, Radio ECT… and broke the news ASAP!

I have no sympathy for Penn st and their 1.8 Billion dollars! I have no symphony for the coaches of the school that HAD TO KNOW Sandusky was a sad sick and twisted pervert! I have no sympathy for Dottie Sandusky who took the stand a few days ago and told the jurors how great Jerry Sandusky was and that she was never aware of any wrong doing – BULL SHIT Dottie! I have no sympathy for the 1.8 billion dollars that Penn st will lose over the next 10-15 years from civil cases and other outlets due to their incompetence and half ass attempt to sweep these sick acts under a rug and keep everything hush-hush and protecting their pride ex coach Jerry Sandusky! And guess what Jerry Sandusky I have to Sympathy for you as you will not see another innocent boy again in your sad – sad miserable life!

The guy’s I do have sympathy for is the students of Penn st. and the Football players of Penn st. (current). They have to live in the crooked town that had to KNOW these acts were happening.

Someone somewhere will read this that knew of what Sandusky was doing and did not tell a soul – for you… I have no sympathy for you either as you will have to answer for it one day.

MLB Streaks – Podcast Info – Pre-Season NFL

Steve Smith, American football wide receiver f...

Steve Smith, American football wide receiver for the Carolina Panthers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Guy’s first off I would like to say the podcasts are fun and I will get better in time doing them.  Main thing I wanted to do on the podcast was to recap plays, talk some Handicapping & Sports Betting with an audience that is into the same things that we are into and that’s winning money betting on sports.  The past 3 podcast reports have covered some of the angles or systems that are simple ways in trying to find an edge in handicapping MLB, however we all know it’s really not that simple.  I really never get into the write ups that some handicappers use in with their selections, reason is – first off I do not have the time to do the write-up’s, If the games win – the write-up’s makes the handicapper sound much smarter than he actually is, if the play losses then the write ups makes the handicapper look dumber than he actually is.  A write up is also a basic way to promote a handicappers selections and we do not just sell 1 pick at a time and in other words the write ups are useless and time-consuming and just a written opinion by the sports services.  But the podcast allows me to give out tips on the overall aspect of handicapping and when Football gets here the stats, trends and facts get real important and I will be looking forward to communicating with my clients and other guys who enjoy this thing we do – I could talk about the ups and downs of handicapping and sports betting 24/7.

I mentioned football and it will not be long till the NFL pre season starts.  Pre-Season NFL is a way to make money if you know what to look for.  Many times the info on QB rotations do not come out till late in the week and NFL has the Pre-Season broke down into a 5 week period as you have the Hall of Fame Game considered the (HOF Week) and not officially a part of Week 1 pre-season.  Most of the times I remember the two teams that play in Canton in the HOF game – 1 team usually plays in week 1 as well.  Many consider the team that plays the HOF game and also in week 1 to have an advantage over the team that is playing its first game in the official week 1 of the pre-season.  But you have to factor in many other options and not just automatically pencil in the HOF participant as the point-spread winner just because they are actually in-game 2 vs. a team playing its first game.  The NFL likes to spread these games out by starting on Thursday and playing a few games all weekend (Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday) and of course a Monday Night Football Game (MNF).  See the announcers have to get practice in too – it’s not just the players it is the coaches, Refs, TV personal and much more that use the 5 weeks to get ready for America’s top watched sport.

Pre-Season NFL Handicapping has to be researched since the TV coverage is at a minimum compared to the regular season.  You may catch a few games live on the NFL network, some regional games and the MNF game, however many of the games you may not even see a highlight on ESPN’s Sports Center.  Most lines are set at -3 and many totals are 35 points or under to begin with.  You have to know the coaches tendencies and there are several NFL coaches that have pre-season records that prove that they try to win the games.  There are also many coaches that have records that show the could care less and they are there for the live scrimmage/practice.  Local newspapers usually cover the teams (Local teams) more often that national publications of internet websites do – so it is key to see who and how long the starters will be playing, also important to see what rookies are using the games to build confidence and to get out the butterflies as to the players (most of them) a game is still a game and the younger players seem to want to win these Pre-Season games just like they did in college.  Last year when I first saw the pre – season schedule I circled the Carolina Panthers as a must bet in Game 1!  I knew Cam Newton was a great athlete that loved to win and I knew Carolina was coming into the season as a very disappointed team that needed a WIN and just they would love to win any game even a pre-season game.  I also factored in the Panthers new Head Coach Ron Rivera and the trends show that Rookie Head Coaches come into these games with more to prove and many know and understand that Wins in the NFL are hard to come by and really try to win these games.  Also the game was being played in Carolina and that added more of an edge than any other game I saw the entire pre-season when you added them all together and it was an easy cover for the Carolina Panthers and I’m sure Cam sold a lot of jerseys that night and the home crowd took something home with them that kept them excited th entire year and it was all started by that single pre-season win and Carolina did very well with the Rookie HC and QB.  So you just have to look deep and find the edges needed to come up with the winners.

Several of the veteran Head Coaches really are not pumped up for the Win so to speak – but may want to see his Running Backs or take a longer look at the #2 and #3 Quarter Backs a little longer than other teams.  Remember the Buffalo Bills HC back when they went to all those Super Bowls – Marv Levy?  Great game day coach won a lot of games regular season and playoffs – but had one of the worse pre-season records that I can remember.  What about a coach like Bill Belicheck on the New England Patriots?  If I did not know the answer I would say he would be under the same classification as Marv Levy was.  But not so fast my friend, take a closer look at some New England Patriots pre-season scores and you will see that he likes to win as a game is a game to him.  So the Handicapping changes a little bit – but just like guy’s that make wagers on Soccer, Tennis, NASCAR, Cricket and Golf – you have to find a edge to have an advantage or a better than 50% chance to win any type of Sports Bet.

If the Pre-Season is something you have wagered on before and the end result had you asking Why did I bet this crap?  Then maybe contact me this year and let me do the work for you as I look at it as a very nice money-making opportunity.

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