Have a great Memorial Day – Make Money – MLB/NBA

English: Tim Duncan, San Antonio Spurs, 2009

English: Tim Duncan, San Antonio Spurs, 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Small winning Sunday (please note) Reece and I go only 5-5 on the Sunday combo – But we both release the San Antonio Spurs as personal selections, meaning clients went 5-4 and gained a small $30 return, and that results in 8 straight winning days! Reece and I want you all to have a wonderful day off with your families and please try to thank a veteran or service member for all they have done and continue to do to enable us to enjoy our freedom.  You might have a family member, neighbor or friend to show your appreciation.

MLB starts early on Monday, so get with me direct by email at tim@hotcappersreport.com and send $84 for the next 31 days and you too can be on the great cash winning ride that me and ReeceRoberts are delivering each and every day for just under $3 a day.  Also we have a direct paypal – credit/debit card link at the Hot Cappers Report http://www.hotcappersreport.com

Understand that after you pay the $84.00 investment you will get 31 straight days of both ReeceRoberts and Tim Hood (ugsportsconn) daily selections delivered to your inbox that you provide.  We never pressure you into purchasing extra packages, because this is all you need to make major gains on a small investment. 

Below is the actual numbers from the last 8 straight winning days and below that is a total from the past 23 days as we have made a $100 bettor around $2700.00 and our $50 bettors are up $1350.00 in same 23 day period and our $25 bettors are up $675.00.  

It does not matter if you bet $500 per game or $50 per game the cost of this service is $84 to anyone who wants it and good for 31 days from signup includes all sports – no sports service delivers profits verus investment or return on risk (ROR) like we do here at Underground Sports Connection.

Do yourself a huge favor and quit paying your bookmaker and start collecting with our help!

Have a wonderful and profitable day


5/20 UG 3-2 +$40 RR 2-2 -$20 … Total 5-4 +$20

5/21 UG 2-2-1 -$15 RR 2-1 +$90 … Total 4-3-1 +$75

5/22 UG 3-2 +$182.50 RR 2-1 +$120 …. Total 5-3 +$302.50

5/23 UG 2-3 -$125 RR 3-1 +$190 …. Total 5-4 +$65

5/24 UG 2-1 +$90  RR 1-1-1 -$10 …. Total 3-2-1 +$80

5/25 UG 2-2-1 +$0  RR 3-2 +$179 …. Total 5-4-1 +$179

5/26 UG 3-2 +$75  RR 4-1 +$240 … Total 7-3 +$315

5/27 UG 2-3 -$160 RR 3-2 +$80 … Total 5-5 *NOTE Spurs sent out by both cappers +$30

23 day total




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