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Underground Sports Connection Wins Again!

We value our clients and do not like to question their intelligence by boasting fake claims – true numbers do not lie and honest Handicappers do not hide.  Reece Roberts has been Handicapping with me for around 4 months so he has not yet to get a client list as high as mine, but from day one I have told him we have to be completely honest with the sports bettors and build trust and do the right thing.  ReeceRoberts picked up his first 2 Handicapping awards yesterday and if you go to the awards page he has equaled me with awards won already in his 4 months!  Reece was hand-picked by me to help me at the Hot Cappers Report in other areas such as MMA picking winners in UFCStrikeForce ETC.. The awards that Reece picked up was not in MMA but in the NBA and I am so proud that the first partner that I decide to use “Fulltime” has and is doing so well from the beginning.

I really must be old school or just getting old but the idea of Sports Handicapping Services using fake names as multiple Cappers just make me sick to my stomach.  The sad thing is when guy’s have 5-10 (yes some have that many) fake names throwing out 1-5 plays a day under 2-7 different websites – they are bound to get a few of the clones noticed and ranked.  Just a fact and it is why I stress you to research a Handicapper before you decide to purchase his or her plays.

What to look for:

Can you see his or her real face?  I mean does it look like a real person or someone straight out of a JC Penny catalogue?

Do they offer a phone number for you to call if something happens to website such as a server down or email being down for some reason or another?

Do you know where they are located?  For Instance if a guy has a group called  VegazExpertz is he really from Vegas or when you do a search you find him bagging groceries in Toronto Canada?

We have all learned that the Radio Cappers who advertise 80% Winners are Scammers – but the business side that we feel is honest, do we know for sure? Did we do our reasearch?

When you read anything that has ever been associated with or about Underground Sports Connection it can be verified.  When I say I do not hide – that is a fact and a fact is just the truth repeated many times over.

Reece Roberts and me Underground Original will always shoot straight with you guy’s.  Timing is everything and some clients jump on at the wrong times while others jump on at the right time.  But why jump around when if you see the long-term results of an Honest Winning Sports Service with longevity and a no bullshit attitude?

Best way for you to become a believer is to invest a little now and see day by day that every word I speak is the truth.

We brought this package back just for the above mentioned reasons, as I feel if you see the rewards vs. the risk there will be no question why clients love Underground Sports Connection.

What is the Investment vs. Reward?

Less than $3 a day is the Investment over a 31 Day period from sign-up for a total Investment of $84 and the reward is we will not leave you till you get your Investment back.  I can not control how you decide to play each game we provide and I also can not control the side Bets you may add in by yourself – but I can control and will show you the numbers that we advised for you over that period. Year after year we cash in against the Vig and show profits.  Meaning that we win on average a minimum of 7 out of 12 months.  And once again that’s a fact.

The sooner you start the sooner you will see your investment pay off.

Reach me several ways:

Twitter @ugsportsconn

Twitter Reece @octagoninsider

Read this blog daily, email me at email Reece at and when you do become a client you can get our phone numbers with no questions asked.


Tim Hood