Good morning sports bettors

Always a good day to make money when you have a plan and stick to it.

Most sports bettors come up short because they do not have a plan and just simply play themselves into a hole that they can not get out of.

We have done all that! Guys I will be the first to admit – I was in your shoes about 25+ years ago and it’s not a good feeling.

First thing you do is give up and fall into the hands of a con artist who is out to make a quick buck. Bad thing is he makes the quick buck but buried you deeper than you were to begin with.

Yes it sounds familiar and it happens everyday with young and old bettors. If you are like me and love sports talk radio – you have heard the ads where these guys we never heard of are hitting 80% winners and have a lock for you absolutely free!

Well let’s be real for a moment – if it was absolutely free then how do they pay for the high cost of advertising and marketing? And if they were really hitting 80% did you ever think that maybe you would have heard of them before?

The truth is and it may break your heart but if a guy can hit 60% to 65% you better jump on! Truth is that is a very difficult longterm number to obtain.

Honest handicappers like Reece and I pay several sports monitors to verify our records and just being honest the best guys longterm are around 58% to 63% and guys that is not a bad thing!

Problem is too many handicappers to choose from because everybody wants a piece of the pie. But consider this:

Who is consistently in the top spots at most monitors week after week after month after month and year in and year out?

Do some research – it is your money we are talking about.

If you have not heard of the guy or group there is a reason. If you keep hearing a name and they are monitored year after year at many places and do well – there is a reason.

Underground sports connection is that type of service. We are here to stay and we win longterm. We go through tough spots along the way – but we always rise back to the top and winning is the only way to keep doing that year after year.

Also consider how much of an investment you will be making? Consider how many plays the handicapper is asking you to play daily? Consider and learn about ROI or return on investment numbers. Let’s be honest if you only bet $50 per game and service is $200 per week or $50 a card, that service is not for you. Also consider if a guy is begging you to take his plays and is trying to undercharge – there may be a reason.

We try to keep it simple but we teach as we go… Because money management is the key and we show you how to get more profit for less total investment than most of the other guys, because we know we are here to stay.

That’s as honest as it gets and I hope you will contact us in the near future and see for yourself.

Today I have a NBA total, a MLB parlay using a pretty big favorite and a total, I also have a nice underdog as well plus a few best bets… 5 solid plays in all and all we need to do today is win 3 of them to profit – I will show you how and it’s basically that way each and every day. ReeceRoberts will have his usually 1-3 plays and they are formatted to make a profit daily as well.

Hope to hear from you soon. But more importantly I hope you do not fall for any of the bullshit that goes on out there today or any day from this point on.