Sunday Recap – Free Pick – Twitter

First off a terrible day for me and not what I expected at all.

Hope most of you had the KC/Toronto total at 8 and got the push (seems that was the number at most shops).  However I went after the +115 and lost the total at Over 8.5

Lost the A’s/Cleveland total as I advised the Over 7 (-120) ….

Got real lucky and won the Braves/DBax total of Over 9 (-115) as Braves score a run in top half of the 9th to get it done..

No way to redeem myself today as I had 2 games posponed SF/Mets & Yankees/Redsox.

End result I go (1-2) hopfully clients went (2-1)..

Monday’s picks up soon on the overnight report.

Free Pick was posted today at and always make a note of this and if you do not see the pick posted here always check out the other site.

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