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Hotcappers Report for Friday March 2, 2012
A lot of confussion out there among new clients and potential customers inquiring about service here at Underground Sports Connection, I will try to explain quickly.
Underground Sports Connection has been in business for over 7 years on the web.  I (Tim) have been handicapping for 26 years total.  Underground Sports Connection as a company is owned and opperated by me, however in early February 2012 I decided that the company needed change and I enlisted the help from a fellow handicapper/bettor & friend of 8 years Reece Roberts, so the one man show turned into a team operation nicknamed “Team Underground”..  A few weeks later I also decided to add long time handicapper Dennis Ganzaroli owner of a NHL specialist from Zurich, Switzerland.  Now Team Underground has 3 members that puts out plays daily as individuals and also in a full consensus report where you can get all plays from all 3 of us.  To avoid confussion I (Tim) use the moniker “Underground Original” so my longtime clients know that I still provide my daily plays the same way I have been doing for all these past years.  You can view all of our past picks any number of ways – we hide nothing!  And we never pad the stats.  As a combined unit – Team Underground has their plays monitored by 5 different 3rd party watchdog monitoring sites – unlike many scam artist out there.  We can all be reached via email and all 3 have twitter accounts.  All of this info and more on Underground Sports Connection, The Hot Cappers Report, Team Underground, Underground Original, Reece Roberts & Dennis Ganzaroli can be found at
Thursday Recap:
Reece Roberts 2-1 with winners on Oklahoma City Thunder & Over in the Clippers/Kings game and lost on the Georgia Bulldogs.
Underground Original 3-0 Thursday Sweep with winners on LA Clippers, Villanova & Michigan..
Dennis 1-3 in the NHL but on a great 1 month run overall in the NHL…
Friday Report:
Reece Roberts has 5 UFC fight picks for tonight and 3 Basketball best bets!
Underground Original has 3 Basketball best bets for Friday….
Dennis has 2 NHL plays going tonight……
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