Team Underground on a very impressive run…

Hello sports fans I am Tim Hood CEO of the Underground
Sports Connection.  Underground Sports Connection was
created to find long term quality clients who all
understand how hard it is to maintain the edge on the
book makers. Although it is hard – It is also possible!  I
have been around this industry for over 25 years and
have won and lost every possible way imaginable, so I am
never too high and never too low.  I got into this business
because of my uncanny ability to pick point spread
winners and that is the bottom line.  I am not looking to
gain clients that are only looking just for 1 hot streak – I
look for players who like me understand the importance of
the long haul investment and enjoy making profits year in
and year out.  Remember that sports betting is a
marathon not a sprint.  I have been told several times that
I was the most honest sports handicapper in the business
and that speaks volume – but my main goal is to be the
one you keep coming back too.  Welcome to the site.


February 2012 Underground Sports Connection has
expanded from a 1 man show to a team of experts.  I have
joined forces with two very good handicappers that excel
at their craft and the best part the handicappers cover
sports that were not previously covered here at
Underground Sports Connection:


Reece Roberts of Octagon Insider will now cover all MMA
events as he has joined “Team Underground”. Reece has
been following the UFC for over a decade now and really
has a feel on the fights as he knows who has the edge
way more than not.  Get all of Reece Roberts picks by
going to his page “Octagon Insider” located on this
website… Remember this is info you can not bet without!


Dennis Ganzaroli from hails from Zurich
Switzerland and has forgot more about Hockey then we
will ever know!  Dennis uses Algorithm’s and pure
knowledge of the game to come up with his daily NHL
picks.  All of Ganzaroli’s picks can now be purchased from
the home page in 3 different packages.  I would not
attempt betting the NHL long term without his advise.



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