Money Management & Why it is so Important.

I often hear handicappers and sports bettors brag about 80% or higher winning percentages.  You always see the guy’s that are ranked in the top 10 at sports monitoring sites mainly due to a high winning percentage, but sometimes things can be very deceptive.  Case and point being, on many sites a guy can start the week out and go 5-0 and be ranked #1 in the nation with a 100% winning percentage, but only added a few hundred dollars to his clients bankroll, and on the other hand a service could be 4-1 for example and be up way more than the person that is hitting 100%.  That is just a small simple example of what we will be getting into today.

Money management is the key period.  I have done every system imaginable and had good and bad results using them all.  I have done the system where you bet every game the same amount, I have used the 1* to 5* format, I have tried the system where you go 100* to 500* and like I said all of them have good points and bad points.  But I continued my search for something better – something smarter and safer.  I currently use a system that is based on actual dollars instead of just units.  All my fulltime clients get the plays daily with the units listed.  At the website on my past results page you only see the plays as I do not list the units I use on each game, however if you go to my monitors I use to verify my selections you will noticed how well I’m doing based on money won instead of a high winning percentage.

The number one reason most gamblers lose is their lack of discipline and bad money management.  If you continue to chase money after losses – you will lose long-term.  If you double up after a big win just because you now have extra money to play with – you will lose long-term.  If you feel like you must have action going every hour on a busy Saturday or Sunday – you will lose long-term.  If you continue to bet parlays and teasers on every betting session – you too will lose long-term.  If you tell yourself “I can not win betting the way I have been” and I need a handicapper – but jump from one handicapper to another and back and forth trying to catch only the winning streaks – you will lose long-term.

You ask how do I win then?  There is a way, but it is up to you.  I’m not pushing my product and telling you that I’m the only person with the winning formula as that would be a lie, but I do win way more than I lose and after a loss I just keep on keeping on and focus on the next game.  With my rotating unit scale – betting never gets boring, for instance if you bet $50 per game on every game all the time – that gets boring and you do something crazy like parlay or tease games that you have already bet on – just to add spice to your day or betting session, I have been there myself.  I could go on forever talking about this subject but until you get to the point that you no longer want to pay your bookie every week, you probably are not willing to listen or change your habits.

Things to consider:

A) Why do I bet? I start the week off hot and lose on the weekends – too many games to choose from I guess?

B) Making a small profit is that better than losing any amount of money?

C) Why did I bet that game?  I already had enough action for the day!

D) I told myself no more parlays or teasers, If I had just played them all straight I would have profited this week!

E) That handicapper everyone bragged about that had a 7-0 Saturday … well I bought his Sunday plays and went 1-5 … I got to find someone better!

F) Next week I’m going to only bet the games I really like!


Ok now that is a list that could go on forever but you get the point and we all have said and done some or all those things.  In closing you have to stay disciplined always remember there will be another day and another game out there.  Understand the importance of getting the best lines possible.  Find a money management system and stick to it for a while and if you do choose to use a handicapper – make sure he or she is a monitored service not a salesman only and stick around awhile give them a chance to prove themselves before jumping on someone else – just because they are hot at that moment.  Sports betting is a marathon not a sprint.


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