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First off I want to congratulate Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide for winning the BCS National Championship over LSU.  Seems to me the talking heads and bitter coaches around the country even after they watched the game still just do not get it.  What I mean is for one example the comments made by Oklahoma st head coach Mike Gundy, as he stated “we would have throwed it 50 times and we would have scored”.  Now it may just be me but is that a sucker punch at LSU or Alabama or both?  The way I see it, the comment has to be toward LSU, because Alabama put up 21 points in a 21-0 win.  Now if Gundy’s comments was geared to Alabama, my question is why?  See for 44 days we have all heard Gundy and others say the tide had their shot and did not deserve to be there, so if Alabama did not deserve to be there, I guess Gundy was saying the game should have been LSU vs. Oklahoma st. right?  But here is my point, after 44 days of putting the tide down and everyone telling LSU how great they were for being undefeated it was time to play.  Even hours going into the game some AP voters were saying “even if Alabama wins a close one we will vote LSU AP champions”.  But once again the game still had to be played.  After the shutout win, you would think some of the people who was talking a big game would show some humility and just stay quite.  The AP did the right thing awarding the Crimson Tide the AP title, the talking heads do what they do best jumped on a front-runner and reported how dominate the tide was, but guess who had to open his mouth once again?  Yes Mike Gundy.  Well Mike you also made the comment that the big talk is always pitting a SEC defense vs. a Big 12 offense and saying that would be the only way to see how good a team was.  Well once again Mike you could have done a little research and seen where that has already happened three times.  In 2004 LSU beat Oklahoma, in 2009 Florida beat Oklahoma and in 2010 Alabama beat Texas.  Enough proof Mike?  probably not but all of this could have been avoided if you and the Cowboys would have just won by 1 point as a 28.5pt favorite against Iowa state, you see Mike it was your team that gave Alabama another shot.  Thanks Mike.

BSC has been running the show since 1999 in determining who plays for the National Championship.  The BCS always pits #1 vs. #2.  And yes this year was no different, so Oregon, Boise st, Stanford, Wisconsin and yes you Oklahoma st had your shot at #2 but failed to finish.  Why should this year been #1 vs. #4 or #1 vs. #3 ETC…?  The answer is it should not have been and like it or not the BCS put #1 LSU vs. #2 Alabama all other points should be mute.

Finishing is something you hear Nick Saban talk about all the time.  See Nick Saban knows how to finish the Big Games, Nick now has 3 BCS National Championships with two different schools.  Nick Saban never gets on the air and complains about where his team should be ranked after a loss, he just goes back to work and does his thing.  Today listening to a sports radio show the guess was sports motivational speaker Dr. Kevin Elko, Dr. Elko has been doing motivational speeches for coach Saban’s teams in all three National Championship games and said this was the most relaxed he had ever seen Saban go into a game.  Nick Saban let all the talking heads do their doubting, let all the coaches that messed their shot at the big game up do their whining, let LSU continue to see themselves as the #1 team in Nation and gloat over a 9-6 OT win in November all the while he continued to work and his team worked, no suspensions as you always hear about when teams visit the Big Easy they just worked and worked hard.  See the one thing that you guy’s need to see is that championships are not won in November they are won in January.

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