Penn states new Coach

Why all the fuss about Penn states new coach?  I mean I know Joe Paterno was a legend but let’s be honest who did they really think they were going to get?  Bill O’ Brien will take over this program after his season is over at New England and from hearing his press conference, I feel he will do a good job with the hand he was dealt.  IMO the entire program has to be cleaned out from top to bottom and be rebuilt from the ground up.  It disturbs me that people can be so selfish about a football program and care so little for the bigger picture of this scandal.  Also IMO Penn st. had to get away from the good ol’ boy system and bring in someone who has no ties with the programs past.

Bill O’ Brien has a temper and is a hard-working coach from what I have heard and read.  His sideline argument with Tom Brady was seen over and over after an interception thrown by Brady on national television.  Also reports have been out there that a few years ago prior to his release, Randy Moss and O’ Brien got into a locker room comfortation that had to be boke up by several of the Patriots.  What does this have to do with Penn st?  Nothing really – just shows Bill O’ Brien has passion and will work hard to win games and winning games is what Penn st needs to get back to where they thought they were.


Not only do I have compassion for the children involved in the Jerry Sandusky scandal, but I also have compassion for the Penn st players both past, present and future.  They will always be categorized with all the bad from Penn st.  And winning will be the only positive these kids can get from the program in the future and I believe Bill O’ Brien will give them a firm foundation and a solid starting point that they so badly need and deserve.


Sometimes the good ol’ boys just need to be let go and you need a fresh start and maybe this will be exactly what Penn st needs.

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