NFL Wilcard Weekend…

I love this time of the season as you see who really wants these games and it separates contenders from pretenders.  Just looking back to last years wildcard weekend it appeared on paper that the Seattle Seahawks did not belong in the playoffs as they faced the New Orleans Saints, in a very exciting game we saw why the cliché “that’s why you play the games” is so true as the Seahawks upset the Saints 41-36.  We also witnessed another heavily favored team go down in the wildcard round as the New York Jets downed the Indianapolis Colts 17-16.  And of course you always see a game or two that are not as close and sometimes leaves you scratching your head as to why you were on the wrong side, such as the Ravens downing KC 30-7 and Green Bay beating the Eagles 21-16.

This year we have only one team returning to the wildcard round from last years four teams and that is the New Orleans Saints but this time they have to face a very hungry and surprising playoff team in the Detroit Lions.  Five of last years eight wildcard weekend teams did not make this years playoffs in any fashion.  Baltimore & defending Super Bowl champions the Green Bay Packers return this year to the playoffs, but not in the wildcard round as both teams have first round byes.  Three other teams Steelers, Falcons & Patriots all return to the playoffs this year and the Patriots are the only one of the three that return this year with a first round bye.  As mentioned earlier the Lions make the playoffs as a team that did not participate last year joining them as new playoff teams are the Broncos, Bengals, Texans & Giants.

Teams that obviously thought that they would get back to the playoffs this year after their exit last year that did not make the cut are Seattle, Colts, Eagles, Bears & Jets.  So five teams failed to make it back and five new ones took their spots.

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