Handicapping Week 17 of the NFL

historically a very tough week to handicap.  However a few years back the NFL made a very smart choice to affect scheduling so that your week #17 matchups would end with a divisional game.  This has helped take much of the guess-work out of the last week of the season, with many teams looking for a playoff spot or getting a better seed to see where they will get home field advantage or go play on the road.  Then you get a game like Dallas – NY Giants playing on SNF winner is in and loser is out.  Any way  not the ‘old week 17’ I was accustomed to and that is a great thing.

I have the following matchups ready for 1/1/12

Dallas – NY Giants

Tenn – Houston

Baltimore – Cincy

SD – Oakland

KC – Denver



Florida st – Baylor – Oklahoma Endings….

Most of the time when you play the favorites you will be called a square and often times you lose games that you had in hand in the final minutes resulting in what is called a back door cover.  First off I have come to the realization that all the consensus stuff like Joe Public vs. the sharps are way overrated, more on that is future posts.  I was on all three teams mentioned in the title, first off was Florida st -3 coming all the way back to win 18-14.  Next game we had Baylor and you all know the result, Friday with Oklahoma – so yes luck has a lot to do with it, more so than consensus and who Joe Public picked.

Looking Forward to 2012

Guys as 2011 ends and we begin a new year we still have 1 day left to add to our bottom line!

5 Bowl Games for Saturday:

Texas A&M – Northwestern

UCLA – Illinois

Cincinnati – Vanderbilt

Auburn – Virgina

Utah – Georgia Tech

I have all 5 plays up now at the website and (1) play is rated a 50* selection.  Also check in daily for FREE daily picks or opinions.